TOTK Amber Farming Locations

Amber is a material that you can get in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Looking very similar to its real-world counterpart the description for amber states that it is: “A fossilized resin with a caramelesque sheen to it. It’s been valued as a component in decorations and crafting since ancient times.” Since, as we’ll see, it is a pretty important material, you will no doubt want to know where the best Amber farming location are in Zelda TotK. In this guide, we are going to show you where Amber can be found and what it is used for.

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TOTK Amber Farming Locations
TOTK Amber Farming Locations

Tears of the Kingdom Amber Locations

Therre are several ways to get Amber in Zelda TotK. The most reliable method to obtain this material is by smashing Rare Ore Deposits. These ore deposits can be recognized thanks to a golden shine around them. Besides Amber, they can also drop other types of valuable ore as well such as Rubies, Diamonds, and Sapphires. A good tactic is to save once you have found a Rare Ore Deposit, but before you smash it. This way, you will be able to reload and try again if you didn’t get the Amber from it, since the drops from it can be random. The second way to get Amber is by looting chests that have it, such as the ones in Kikakin Shrine and Ukouh Shrine.

For best results, don’t forget to set your Sensor+ to scan for Amber, and it will alert you when it is nearby. Lastly, they are dropped by Battle Talus. Here are all the Battle Talus locations in the game. And now, let’s see the spots where you can find Amber itself:

  • 1338, -1194, 0566.
  • -0642, 2033, 0159.
  • 0284, -3849, 0002.

How to Use Amber in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

While you can sell Amber for 10 Rupees, we advise you not to do so, as it is best used for upgrading certain Sets of Armor. Specifically, the Hero of Time set, the Hylian set, and the Soldier Set.

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    You also need very much amber for Amber Earrings upgrade. At max, the earrings give more defence than Hylian Hood.

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