Zelda TOTK Barbarian Set Locations, Barbarian Armor, Helm, Legs

If you want to know where to find the Barbarian Armor location in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ve come to the right place! The Barbarian armor set will increase your attack power and provide solid defense on top of it. It is one of the best early game armors for players that prefer an aggressive playstyle. Hence, you will want to find the whole set as soon as possible. Read on as we provide information about the locations of Barbarian Armor, Barbarian Helm and Barbarian Legs in Zelda TOTK.

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Barbarian Armor Location Zelda TOTK, Increase Attack Power
How to Increase Attack Power in Zelda TOTK?

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Barbarian Armor Location

The Barbarian Armor is one of the three outfits you will be able to find as rewards during the “Misko’s Treasure” side quest. Meeshy depicts this particular outfit as a “fairly wild outfit said to fill the wearer with power”. As with the rest of Misko’s Treasure outfits, she will mark the exact spot where you can find it on your map. Head there, and search for a cave entrance, as seen in the image below. The name of this cave is the Crenel Hills Cave. That’s where you will find the Zelda TOTK Barbarian Armor location.

Additionally, this cave is rich in ore. Therefore, make sure to mine it all, as these are precious resources. Unlike the previous two caves in this quest, this one is rather small. You will quickly reach the central room, where you will need to fight with a Stone Talus. The Stone Talus will be a tricky challenge, so try to stay focused.

Once you beat the Stone Talus, check around the main room of the cave, and you should see an opening inside the wall. See our image below for the exact location of the opening. There are no puzzles here. Simply climb the wall, and you’ll spot a familiar Misko’s Treasure shrine with a chest in the middle. Open the chest, and you will find the TOTK Barbarian Armor! It has Attack Up Level 1 status, which will grant you a 20% boost to your attack power.

Where to Find Barbarian Helm Location in Tears of the Kingdom

When it comes to the Barbarian set head piece location, you can find it at these coordinates: (2487, -1467, 0013). The place where you need to look is called the Robred Dropoff Cave. Robred Dropoff is to the southeast of Karariko Village. And the cave itself is northwest of the Robred Dropoff, directly south of Phalian Highlands. The cave is fairly easy to understand. Small stone statues will lead you towards the chest with the Barbarian Helm.

Don’t worry if you take a wrong turn along the way. It’s not a big deal. You can still collect some useful items, backtrack a bit, and find your way again. Just remember to bring some Bomb Flowers, because you will have to blast through several rock obstacles. The last one is on the floor, in a room before the chest. You can use a Bomb Flower, a rock-infused arrow, or a stone weapon’s jump attack, to break it. In the next room, you will see three sets of stone statues. Go to the platform in front of the set with three statues, and use ascend to get to the room with the chest. Inside, you will find the Barbarian Helm, a powerful armor piece for your head.

Where to Find Barbarian Helm Location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
The location of the cave.

Where to Find Barbarian Leg Wraps Location in Tears of the Kingdom

Finally, let’s see where to find the Barbarian Leg Wraps in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This is the final piece of the Barbarian Armor Set. You can find the Barbarian Leg Wraps inside Walnot Mountain Cave (the coordinates are 4074, -1900, 0163). The cave is southeast of Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, near Jikais Shrine. It has an alternative entrance at 3932, -2070, 0128.

The cave is quite self-explanatory. There are practically no puzzles. The only thing you need to have is some source of fire, as you will need to melt the frozen Chest in order to grab the Barbarian Leg Wraps. In addition, some other frozen chests are inside, so you will need to thaw them. And that’s about it, really. With the whole Barbarian Armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom equipped, you’ll have a +3 attack power bonus. Check out the images below for more details.

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