Tears of the Kingdom Bargainer Statue Locations Map

Not sure where are all Bargainer Statue locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? We know! Tears of the Kingdom expands on the original BotW formula with numerous other systems, items, places, and game mechanics. One of these new items is Poe, or “lost souls”, which players can find all around the Depths. This guide will provide you with the all Bargainer Statue locations map in Zelda TOTK, where you can turn in Poes.

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Bargainer Statue Locations Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
TOTK Bargainer Statue Locations Map

All Bargainer Statue Locations Map in Tears of the Kingdom

You’ve probably stumbled upon Poes during your adventures inside the Depths. These tear-like white items are scattered all around the Depths, especially in the dark areas which you haven’t illuminated yet via Lightroots. This material doesn’t have any obvious and immediate role. However, that’s actually a currency which you can trade at specific places for powerful items, such is the Gloom Resistance armor. These places are called Bargainer Statues. And where can you find them? Let’s find out.

Firstly, the first one is inside the Lookout Landing, directly opposite of the main gate. It’s in the place where Josha and Robbie reside. The Bargainer Statue is in something resembling a sandbox. Check out our images below for more details. The second and the third Bargainer Statues are inside the Depths. Although, one is much easier to find. Namely, it is located in the Central Hyrule Depths. That’s the Plains Bargainer Statue. It’s clearly visible, especially if you have the Lightroot illuminated there.

However, the second one in the Depths will be a much tougher challenge. We advise you to pay the Plains Bargainer Statue for the information. It will mark the location of the third statue on the map. Hence, it will be much easier to find it. All we can tell you is that it’s located in the Wellspring of Wisdom inside the Depth. And we provide you with the images below. However, from there, you’ll have to figure it out on your own. Finally, the very first image below has marked the locations of all five Bargainer Statues in the Depths!

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