Gloom Resistance Armor Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Not sure where to find the Gloom Resistance Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Gloom is one of the new status conditions added in Tears of the Kingdom. It can be inflicted upon link by some enemies, or via surroundings, especially in areas overrun by malice. Here’s where to find the Tunic of the Depths and Gaiters of the Depths in Zelda TOTK, and how to cure Gloom.

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Gloom Resistance Armor Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Tunic of the Depths Gloom Resistance Armor Zelda TOTK

How to Get Gloom Resistance Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

When you enter areas plagued by malice, Link will be affected by a new status condition called “Gloom”. This status reduces your maximum Hearts, which can be a real nuisance. Gloom can be cured by eating dishes with a Sundelion as a part of their recipe. That’s because Sundelion’s petals can restore health depleted by Gloom when used in cooking. You can also eat food with a Dark Clump, which provides time-limited Gloom Resistance. However, this can be tedious and unreliable as you don’t always have Sundelion meals ready. Hence, the best alternative is to find a Gloom Resistance Armor in Zelda TOTK. Is there one? Yes, there is!

You can purchase the Tunic of the Depths and Gaiters of the Depths. Namely, these armour pieces are both providing Zelda TOTK Gloom Resistance. Hence, buying these is a no-brainer if you need protection from malice and gloom. You can trade your Poes for this Gloom Resistance gear at Bargainer Statues. Check out our separate guide on where to find these statues.

Once you unlock the second statue, it will offer the Tunic of the Depths. The statue will demand 150 Poe for it. And when you find and unlock the third Bargainer Statue, another Gloom Resistance Armor piece will become available. We’re talking about the Gaiters of the Depths. For these gaiters, you will need to allocate 200 Poes.

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