How to Beat Hand Monsters in Tears of the Kingdom

If you are not sure how to defeat Face-Hand Monsters in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you are definitely not alone! This Malice Monsters are making many Zelda TOTK players desperate, as they struggle to beat these seemingly impossible foes. If you don’t know how to beat Hand Monsters in Zelda TOTK, read on as we provide the best strategy, tips, and tricks.

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How to Beat Hand Monsters Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
How to Beat Face-Hand Monsters in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

How to Beat Malice Hand Monsters in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you have explored Hyrule, you may have encountered some formidable foes along the way. But the most dangerous ones are the Hand Monsters made of pure malice. These Zelda TOTK malice monsters look like a hand with an eye in the middle. They spread malice and cause Gloom debuff. They are always trying to reach you and grab you. And if they grab you, you are doomed. So, how can you deal with them? I will be honest with you – it will be very challenging!

First, you need to know that facing them up-close-and-personal with a melee weapon is not an optimal strategy here. Quite the contrary. Because if Hand Monsters grab you, you are as good as dead. Hence, you’ll need to use your bow and throwable items. The second important thing to know is that they spread Gloom! Hence, having the Gloom Resistance Armor is also rather important! If you don’t have the armor, some gloom resistance consumables would do the trick.

In our opinion, by far the best strategy is to use the Brightbloom arrows. They not only deal solid damage to them but will also keep them at bay, as the light source prevents them from chasing you. Another great strategy is to have a Hover Stone with you (the antigravity platform). Place it somewhere in the air, and start raining arrows at Hand Monsters from above. You can also poke them with spears from elevated positions. Finally, Bomb Arrows also work wonders against them. So there you have it – don’t let them near you, shoot them from afar, and use Fused arrows to your advantage!

So there you have it; these are what we think are the best strategies to beat Malice Hand Monsters in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. A combination of these weapons and tools will help you deal with them fairly quickly. Nevertheless, keep in mind that even with optimal strategy, they are still scary and hard to beat. Thus, be careful! If you have any other good strategies, share them with us in the comments section!

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