A Call from the Depths Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Eyes Locationss

In our A Call from the Depths Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Eyes Locations guide, we are going to show you where the eyes of the Bargaining Statues are. We will also briefly explain how to get them to where they need to be. Mainly, though, we will make sure you know how to find them. By the way, this is a quest you get from the statue trapped underwater behind the stone gate. With that said, let’s begin!

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a call from the depths zelda tears of the kingdom eyes locations
A Call from the Depths Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Eyes Locations

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom A Call from the Depths Eye Locations

You can find all four locations of eyes in A Call from the Depths in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom on the map screenshots below. The first one is in the creek near the local chasm in the north (coordinates -0686, -1542, 0066). You’ll have to use Ultrahand to pick it up from the water. Chuck it into the chasm.

The second eye is buried under a wall of rocks in the Eastern Abbey that you can break either by blowing it up or using a blunt weapon. Or a sword fused with a boulder. The coordinates are -0476, -1990, 0072. Throw it into the chasm and proceed to the next one.

Eye #3 is near the Great Plateau South Chasm. Right at the lip of the chasm, you’ll see a large boulder that’s shaped like a toilet seat. Yes, really. Its coordinates are -0944, -2327, 0167. Lift it out of the way with Ultrahand, then pick the eye up and chuck it into the chasm.

The final of the four eyes locations in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Call from the Depths is near the Great Plateau West Chasm, int he snow. Around the rim of the chasm are several small ice pillars. The eye is in one of them (-1435, -1980, 0232). Melt the ice to get the eye and, you’ve guessed it, huck it into the chasm.

Now that you’ve gotten all the eyes into the Underground, you have to take them to the Bargaining Statue, one by one. Its coordinates are -0821, -1940, 0523. I mean, you can do it by throwing one eye down and taking it to the statue, then going back to the surface and repeating the process. Yes, you will probably have to make vehicles. Know that you’ll have to slot in each eye manually, with Ultrahand. If you lose an eye by accident, it will respawn in the place you’ve originally found it.

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