Choose OK or Not Yet Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Should you choose “OK” or “Not Yet” when Zelda says: “Let’s continue, Link. But we must be extremely careful.” in TotK? After over six years, the BOTW sequel Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom is finally here! And just like any good RPG, you will be presented with various choices from the start. Read on as we explain what you should pick in the first choice of the game.

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Choose OK or Not Yet Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Choose “OK” or “Not Yet” in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Of course, it goes without saying, but expect some minor spoilers from the opening section of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom here. TotK opens with Link and Zelda descending deep beneath the Hyrule Castle. The strange tunnels and caverns hide mysterious murals, telling the story of ancient civilisations and battles. Zelda, always hungry for knowledge, pressures you to go deeper into the caverns. However, Link can feel it that something ominous is present there. Eventually, you’ll reach a strange green-lit inverted pyramid. Something is definitely going to happen, and that’s why Zelda says: “Let’s continue, Link. But we must be extremely careful.” Here, you can say two things:

  • OK.
  • Not Yet.

If you choose the “Not Yet” option, you will esnetiuly be allowed to explore a little bit more. You can go back to the tunnels and even to the chamber with the murals to inspect them more if you wish so. And that’s about it. There’s nothing extraordinary if you choose the “Not yet” option. However, if you choose “OK”, a cutscene will ensue, and the story will continue. A mummified creature – Ganondorf – will rise from the altar, and dialogue will occur, which we will not spoil.

Ganondorf will wreak havoc, you will be deprived of all your Hearts and Stamina, and Master Sword will be shattered. Zelda will fall down into abyss, but you will be saved by a mysterious hand. And the game will start from there. Good luck and have fun!

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