In-Isa Shrine Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Zelda Tears of the Kingdom In-Isa shrine is among the first shrines you will find in the game. It’s where you learn the Fuse ability, which allows you to combine various items to create different tools and weapons. It’s a lot of fun and gives the player a lot of freedom to experiment. In this guide, we are going to explain how to complete the In-Isa shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

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in-isa shrine zelda tears of the kingdom
In-Isa Shrine Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete Zelda Tears of the Kingdom In-Isa Shrine

The first step to complete the In-Isa shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is to take the rusty claymore from the ground and fuse it with one of the nearby boulders. Yes, now you have a sword that’s also a crude sledgehammer. Swing it at the stone barrier blocking the doorway to break it down. In the next room, there are several pillars that you can break, and there’s a chest atop one of them. Head to the room on the right of the pillar area. You’ll find an old bow, some arrows, and several Fire Fruit trees. Fuse the arrows with the Fire Fruits to create some fire arrows (keep the bow drawn, hit up on the d-pad, select something to attach). Then, look up at the far wall. You’ll see a chest on a wooden platform covered in brambles. Shoot a fire arrow at them to burn the platform away. Open the chest to receive a small key.

The next step to complete the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom In-Isa shrine is to go back to the pillar room and then go to the right. Up the stairs and to the green door, on which you need to use the key. Proceed through the shrine until you get into a large, open area. There’s a Construct enemy that you’ll have to fight, but there are plenty of makeshift weapons to fuse and use (like a stick and thorns). Plus, there are a lot of dried leaves on the floor that are just waiting to catch fire. Once you emerge victorious, pick up the drops and then break down another stone barrier. Approach the altar to complete the shrine.

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