Best Early Cold Resistance Food Recipes Zelda TOTK

Wondering what are the best early-game Cold Resistance food recipes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? We got you covered! Knowing the best meals and recipes for every situation will be your bread and butter in Zelda TOTK (no pun intended!). Especially early in the game, when you stumble upon a snowy, freezing area. Read on to find the best Cold Resistance meal early in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Best Early Cold Resistance Food Recipes Zelda TOTK

Best Early Cold Resistance Food Recipes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you remember Zelda BOTW, you probably know that you can die quite quickly in freezing areas. That is, if you don’t have proper cold resistance. In Tears of the Kingdom, the third shrine in Great Sky Island, called Gutanbac, is atop a freezing mountain. And you cannot reach it without some good Cold Resistance recipes. Like in BOTW, you will need Spicy Pepper to make Cold Resistance food. Spicy peppers are the main ingredient for all Cold Resistance meals in TOTK. To reach the frozen section, you’ll pass the Pit Cave, which is important! Namely, here you will find a lot of Spicy Peppers if you brake a rock barrier behind the cooking pot. Make sure to use these Spicy Peppers wisely! Here are some of the best Cold Resistance Food Recipes you can make early in Zelda TOTK:

  • Mushroom + Spicy Pepper – 3 minutes Cold Resistance buff
  • Egg + Spicy Pepper – 4 minutes Cold Resistance buff
  • Mushroom + Egg + Spicy Pepper – 4:30 minutes Cold Resistance buff

You can extend the duration of your buffs by cooking them with other special ingredients as well. We advise cooking your meals with a Shard of Farosh’s Horn to increase the duration of your buff to 30 minutes. You can also increase the potency of the buffs in your dish by combining two different ingredients that provide the same buff. After you complete this shrine, you will also find a Cold Resistance Armor!

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