Zelda TOTK Corridor Between Two Dragons

As part of your efforts to Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you are going to need to solve several Typhlo Ruins puzzles as part of this interconnected quest chain. One of these is called “The Corridor Between Two Dragons”. You get this quest from a monolith near Kazul and it reads: “Display the power of the Sage of Fire to blaze through the space between two dragons, from head to tail.” So where is this Corridor Between Two Dragons in Zelda TotK and what do you need to do to complete this side adventure? Read on to find out!

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Zelda TOTK Corridor Between Two Dragons
Zelda TOTK Corridor Between Two Dragons

Tears of the Kingdom The Corridor Between Two Dragons, Display Sage of Fire

This quest begins after you have spoken to Kazul in the Thyphlo Ruins. There are several monoliths behind him, each of them providing a different side adventure. The first one is Owl Protected by Dragons, and “The Corridor Between Two Dragons” is on the second monolith there. Read the cryptic clue on it, and then proceed to the following coordinates: 0216, 3121, 0174.

After arriving at these coordinates, you are going to see that there are two statues of dragons there. Even better, they have a very conspicious corridor placed squarely between them. Absolutely perfect for displaying the power of the Sage of Fire. So that is exactly what you need to do here. Stand on the platform directly in front of the two statues and then use the Vow of Yunobo, Sage of Fire ability to summon the Avatar of Yunobo. Then, use his Charge ability and aim it precisely in the middle of this corridor and activate it. If you have done this correctly, a platform will rise up from the ground, revealing a chest inside of it. Loot the chest for x3 Rubies to complete this side adventure.

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