TOTK Dalia's Game, Stuffed Sand Seal Location

Dalia’s Game is a short Zelda Tears of the Kingdom side quest that you get from Dalia in Garudo Town. To complete it, you are going to have to play a game with her and find a Stuffed Sand Seal that she has hidden. Normally, this wouldn’t be too difficult in itself, but the problem here is that you only have 90 seconds to do this. So where is the Dalia’s Game Stuffed Sand Seal location in Zelda TotK? Well, here’s how you can find it.

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TOTK Dalia's Game, Stuffed Sand Seal Location
TOTK Dalia’s Game, Stuffed Sand Seal Location

Tears of the Kingdom Dalia’s Game, Stuffed Sand Seal Location

The first thing you need to know about this is what to do if you can’t find Dalia herself. You should wait for her at the fruit stand until about noon, and she should appear then, allowing you to get this quest from her. Speak to her and agree to play her game. She will take you to the shelter and tell you to keep your eyes closed while she is busy hiding the Stuffed Sand Seal somewhere. You will then have 1:30 minutes to find it.

The catch here is that the location of the Stuffed Sand Seal is randomized from playthrough to playthrough. So while we managed to find it in a pool of water at the following coordinates: -3912, -2993, 0034, this spot could very well be different for you. So how can you know where it is you’re supposed to look if it can be different each time? Luckily, there is a trick to this. Namely, Dalia is going to give you a little hint each time. For us, she said: “Oops, my feet got all wet! Oh well.” Based on that, we knew that the Stuffed Sand Seal had to be somewhere around water. Going by this method, you can use the hint she provides to narrow down the doll’s position each time.

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