Tears of the Kingdom Gibdo Farming Locations after Gerudo Main Story

If you don’t know where to find good farming spot for Gibdo in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you’ve come to the right place. These monsters are extremely hard to be found after Gerudo Main Story. But, at the same time they are great resource for Gibdo bones. In our guide we’ll share with you best Gibdo farming locations after Gerudo Main Story in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gibdo farming locations
Tears of the Kingdom Gibdo farming locations after Gerudo Main Story

Zelda TOTK Gibdo farming location after Gerudo Main Story

While you are completing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo main story questline you’ll come across a lot of Gibdo monsters and be able to make quite a collection of Gibdo bones. If you start spending them on fusing with arrows that will dwindle quit quickly. So the question is where to find good Gibdo farming locations. To farm them again you can go back to Gerudo Desert and try to find some remnant Gibdo forces in caves and Desert Rift, but that is not enough.

I came across a great Gibdo location with lots of Gibdo and Gibdo moths that both drop Gibdo bone material. It is a cemetery in Gerudo Depths called Gerudo Underground Cemetery and it’s a good farming spot every blood moon. It is next to the Kasari Lightroot, in the southwest corner of the Depths map. Gibdos are also a good source of arrows because they have a few always stuck in them. Remember, in order to defeat them you need to hit them with an elemental attack first to remove their armor and then with a few regular attacks you’ll beat them easily. Don’t forget that they are vulnerable to fire and lighting which can turn them white and brittle.

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