TOTK Energetic Rhino Beetle Farming Locations

Knowing the best Zelda TOTK Energetic Rhino Beetle farming locations can be quite advantageous, as we’ll explain in the guide. Problem is, these beetles don’t spawn behind every corner; they have very specific habitats. It can get pretty tricky. So, let’s find out where the best places to find the Energetic Rhino Beetle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are.

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totk energetic rhino beetle farming locations
TOTK Energetic Rhino Beetle Farming Locations

Tears of the Kingdom Energetic Rhino Beetle Locations

There are several good Energetic Rhino Beetle locations in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom. To begin with, you can get a bunch of them on Great Sky Island. They mostly spawn in the west, northwest, north, southwest and in the middle of the island. Another area where this beetle appears quite a lot is in West Necluda, north of Dueling Peaks and south of Sahasra Slopes. There are also a few you can find in Hyrule Field, but they are nowhere near as abundant. Last, but not least, we’ve found a couple Energetic Rhino Beetles in Bronas Forest, in the southeast of the Faron region. This is also where you can find Bladed Rhino Beetles, by the way. Just keep in mind that beetles generally appear on trees and mostly at night.

And there you have it, those are some of the locations that are good for farming the Energetic Rhino Beetle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK. For those of you wondering why these bugs are so important to begin with, allow me to enlighten you. The Energetic Rhino Beetle can be an ingredient for making the Energizing Stamina Elixir. As we’ve explained in the guide, you can also use Restless Crickets to brew the potion. However, because the crickets are much easier to hunt, they make for far less potent elixirs. On the other hand, cooking even one Energetic Rhino Beetle grants you a potion that restores a substantial amount of stamina.

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