Zelda TOTK Champion's Leathers Upgrade Cost

If you’ve found the Champion’s Leathers in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you will probably consider upgrading it. The Champion’s Leathers Armor is a nice piece of gear made for you by none other than Princess Zelda. In this guide, we provide the Champion’s Leathers upgrade cost – which materials you need to farm for the upgrade.

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Zelda TOTK Champion's Leathers Upgrade Cost
TOTK Champion’s Leathers Upgrade Cost

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Champion’s Leathers Armor Upgrade Cost

The Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Champion’s Leathers armor is a reward for completing the “New Champion’s Tunic” side quest. It is a rather tricky one to get, as you will need to know where to find Zelda’s secret room, and how to reach the Hyrule castle early. However, once you finally obtain it, you will probably want to upgrade it. Planning your upgrades in TOTK is hard if you don’t know the prices, as the game doesn’t tell you this upfront. Rather, you only learn this info once you reach the next level. Worry not, as we’re here to provide you with the info you need!

  • Champion’s Leathers Upgrade Cost
    • 1st Level – Silent Princess x3 and Light Dragon’s Scale x2.
    • 2nd Level – Silent Princess x3, Light Dragon’s Talon x2, and Sundelion x10.
    • 3rd Level – Silent Princess x5, Light Dragon’s Fang x2, and Sundelion x15.
    • 4th Level – Silent Princess x10, Light Dragon’s Horn x2, and Sundelion x20.

So there you have it, that’s the Champion’s Leathers upgrade cost for all levels. If you are having troubles farming some of these materials, check out our “How to Get on Light Dragon” guide. In addition, our Mattison’s Independence guide also explains where’s the best place to farm Sundelions. With that said, our guide is complete. And while you are here, check out what you need in order to upgrade the Fierce Deity armor set.

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