TOTK Geoglyph Locations, Impa and the Geoglyphs

On your quest to find Princess Zelda, you are going to be tasked with discovering and exploring all 11 Zelda ToTK Geoglyph Locations via the Dragon Tear Memories Map. This is a giant map that you will find in the Forgotten Temple, and it is going to give you a general idea of where Geoglyphs Tears of the Kingdom can be found. Though, once you get to a Geoglyph, you still need to find the Dragon’s Tear there. To help you complete this long and difficult quest – Impa and the Geoglyphs, we have marked all TotK Geoglyph locations where you need to go and how to find the Dragon’s Tear spot at each location.

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Geoglyph Locations in Zelda ToTK, Dragon Tear Memories Map
TOTK Geoglyph Locations, Impa and the Geoglyphs

Hebra Mountains Geoglyph Location Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

This Geoglyph can be found at the Hebra Mountains, east of the Rito Village. The coordinates for the spot where you can find the Dragon’s Tear are -2550 1886 0319. Interacting with it is going to unlock Memory 4.

Zelda ToTK North Tabantha Geoglyph Location

The second Geoglyph is located at the north Tabantha snowfield, next to the Hebra Mountains. The coordinates are: -1863 3621 0236. This will unlock TOTK Memory 10.

Geoglyph Location in Gerudo Canyon Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Gerudo Canyon Geoglyph is located at -3178 -1699 0418. It will provide you with the Memory 7.

Hyrule Ridge Geoglyph Zelda ToTK

This is above Gerudo Canyon, so you can do it right after the previous one. The coordinates are as follows: -3096 -0077 0211. Finding this Dragon’s Tear is going to unlock Memory 8.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Glyph Dragon Tear in Lake Hylia and Nearby Kakariko Village

These two Glyph Dragon’s Tears can be found in Lake Hylia and near Kakariko Village. Let’s start with the one in Lake Hylia first. Its coordinates are: -0649 -2683 0068, and it will unlock Memory 13. As for the Dragon’s Tear that is close to Kakariko Village – 0694 -1309 0053, and you’ll get Memory 6 from it.

Zelda Totk Lurelin Village and Talus Plateau Geoglyph Location

The next two Geoglyphs are at Lurelin Village and Talus Plateau. The one at Lurelin Village can be found at 4467 -0304 0074 and it provides Memory 12. And the Talus Plateau Geoglyph is at 3326 -3566 0004 and it will reward you with Memory 9.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyph Locations – Close to Trilby Valley and Eldin Mountains

As for these two Geoglyph locations, one is between Trilby Valley and Trilby Plain, and the other is between Eldin Mountains and Tryphlo Ruins. To get to the first one, go to these coordinates 0892 2951 0362 and you will obtain Memory 15. The Geoglyph that is between Eldin Mountains and Tryphlo Ruins is at 1828 0737 0089 and it holds the secret to Memory 5.

Last Dragon Tear Location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Once you have gotten all 10 of these Dragon’s Tear locations, a final location is then going to become available. Only then should you go to the following coordinates: 4534 2144 0000 and find the Dragon’s Tear there to open Memory 17.

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