Zelda TOTK Gerudo Town Message In a Bottle, Calyban Recipe

Underneath Gerudo Town in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there lies a network of tunnels. Since these are filled with water, you will come across strange messages in a bottle from time to time. It will turn out that they are being sent by Calyban, a character who is doing this because she is searching for the perfect husband. If you bring it back, she is then going to tell you that she wants to cook you a meal. If you are having trouble finding her or remembering what her dish is, our Zelda TOTK Gerudo Town Message In a Bottle, Calyban Recipe guide is here to answer any questions you may have had about it.

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Zelda TOTK Gerudo Town Message In a Bottle, Calyban Recipe

Gerudo Town Message In a Bottle Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Once you have made your way into these tunnels under Gerudo Town (which is also where, incidentally, you can unlock the Gerudo Town Shop Door), you can find a message in bottle floating there in the water. Pick it up using Ultrahand. You’re probably wondering who the person that is sending this is and where to find them. Well, the person in question is Calyban, and she can be found at the following coordinates: -3882, -2958, 0033. When you get there, talk to her to give her the bottle.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Calyban Recipe

She is going to mention that she wants to cook a meal for you. The meal in question consists of the following ingredients: Hydromelon, Voltfruit, Fresh Milk, and Hearty Radish (can also be substituted with a Big Hearty Radish). Now, if you have played Zelda Breath of the Wild, then you probably know what these ingredients will make. That’s right, the dish in question is none other than the Creamy Heart Soup.

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  1. L

    How do you get the bottle up though? I’ve tried almost everything.

    1. N

      I had the same problem but I used a hover stone and blocked the hole where she drops the bottles. I was then able to grab the bottles at the top of the hole using ultrahand

    2. D

      Literally just raise it through the hole with ultra hand, use ascend to go to the top, then use rewind on the bottle so it’s in range of your ultrahand

      1. N
        Nestor Ricardo Santana

        Not even necesary, just ultrahand it throw the floor, no need for rewind

    3. K

      I started to use the clay pot but it’s way easier to use recall on a bottle, ascend, then use ultrahand once the bottle is back at its spawn point at the top of the hole.

    4. M

      use recall

    5. C
      Charles Raymond Senatre

      Attach 2 weapon to the bottle or there’s a slab of concrète around the corner you can use also

  2. A

    I brought it up through one of the various wells around town. Use a floating platform to make it easier.

  3. D

    I attached it to the clay pot hanging down and just ultrahanded it back up through the hole.

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