Pony Points Card Rewards Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The first time you go to a stable and talk to the person working there, you are going to get the Pony Points Card. This card records the horse and stable-related points that you earn. When you earn enough of them, you can get some excellent rewards. But how does the Pony Points Card rewards system work in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? To help you better understand this, our guide is here to explain everything you need to know about this system and all the rewards you can get from it.

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Pony Points Card Rewards Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Pony Points Card Rewards Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get Pony Points Card Rewards in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

First, let’s see how you can get Pony Points. You earn these for the following activities: 1 point for each new stable that you visit, 1 point when you rest there, and 1 point whenever you register a new horse, like Giant White Stallion or Golden Horse. Note that this applies to both mini stables and stables. And now, let’s see how the rewards system functions. The first thing that you need to be aware of here is that you can only get your Pony Points Card rewards at big stables, not mini stables.

So, make your way to a big stable. For example – the New Serenne Stable. Speak to the clerk there and, if you have enough Pony Points (which you probably do, if this is at least the second stable that you’ve visited), you can now get a reward. To do this, interact with the ledger in the stable. Here are the Pony Points Card Rewards that you can get in Zelda TotK and how many points you need to unlock them:

  • 3 Pony Points Reward: Towing Harness. With this, you can tow objects such as wagons with your horse.
  • 5 Pony Points Reward: Horse God Fabric. This is a skin that you can use in the Hateno Dye Shop.
  • 10 Pony Points Reward: One Additional Horse Slot.
  • 13 Pony Points Reward: Traveler’s Saddle and Traveler’s Bridle.
  • 16 Pony Points Reward: Mane Restyling Service.
  • 20 Pony Points Reward: 1 additional spot in the stable.
  • 23 Pony Points Reward: Knight’s Saddle and Knight’s Bridle.
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