TOTK Gloom Resistant Food Recipe

Gloom presents one of the biggest dangers that you can face in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This red-black, oozy substance will take away Link’s health, and worse yet – he can’t normally restore health lost this way while he is in the Depths. Neeldess to say, the best course of action here is to make some gloom-resistant food that is going to protect you from the effects of Gloom. There are several such recipes in the game, and all of them involve one important ingredient – Dark Clump. In this guide, we are going to list out all of the Zelda TotK Gloom Resistant Food Recipes that we know of, and also provide you with some alternative ways to resist Gloom.

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TOTK Gloom Resistant Food Recipe
TOTK Gloom Resistant Food Recipe

Tears of the Kingdom Gloom Resistant Food Recipe

As we have already mentioned, the most important ingredient for Gloom-resistant food is Dark Clump. You can get Dark Clumps by trading for them with Bargainer Statues. For each Dark Clump that you buy, you’re going to need to pay 10 Poes for it. Incidentally, besides using it in recipes, you can likewise use these Dark Clumps to upgrade the Depths Armor Set. And, of course, it can be used as a key ingredient for various Gloom-resistant dishes. These are:

  • Dark Stew: x1 Dark Clump, x1 Meat, and x1 Fish.
  • Dark Curry: x1 Dark Clump, x1 Hylian Rice, and x1 Goron Spice.
  • Dark Soup: x1 Dark Clump, x1 Tabantha Wheat, x1 Fresh Milk, and x1 Goat Butter.
  • Dark Rice Ball: x1 Dark Clump, x1 Hylian Rice, and x1 Rock Salt.
  • Dark Cake: x1 Dark Clump, x1 Goat Butter, x1 Tabantha Wheat, and x1 Cane Sugar.
  • Fried Wild Greens: x1 Dark Clump, x1 Goat Butter, and x1 Stambulb.

If you have any other gloom-resistant food recipes, please don’t be shy about sharing them with us in the comments. And you should always be aware that this is only a temporary solution. For a more permanent way to resist Gloom, you should try and obtain the Gloom Resistance Armor Set.

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    Warding Milk
    1x dark clump, 1x fresh milk, 1x goat butter, 1x hylian rice

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