Tera Great Fairy Zelda TOTK Musical Troupe With Violin

In our Tera Great Fairy Zelda TOTK Musical Troupe With Violin guide, we are going to explain how to gain access to the first Great Fairy in Tears of the Kingdom, Tera. It is a long side quest that will require you to go to several places on the map and talking to different NPCs. As far as we know, these are the steps you need to take to unlock the Great Fairies in general; Tera needs to be the first one. It’s worth the hassle, since they upgrade your armor like in Breath of the Wild. With all of that said, here’s what you need to do.

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tera great fairy zelda totk musical troupe with violin
Tera Great Fairy Zelda TOTK Musical Troupe With Violin

How to Unlock Great Fairy Tera Zelda TOTK

You have to bring a musical troupe with a violin to unlock access to any Great Fairy in Zelda TOTK (or Tears of the Kingdom), and the first one has to be Tera. She is near the Woodland Stable in Eldin Canyon, and once you talk to her, she will mark the locations of the other Fairies for you. However, each Fairy has a separate instrument she wants to hear before she comes out of her flower. Depending on your exploration of Hyrule, you might have bumped into one of the other three Fairies before Tera, but as far as we can tell, you can’t do anything about them before releasing the first one. As for how you unlock access to Great Fairy Tera, it all begins with a visit to Woodland Stable.

Where is Woodland Stable Location with Musicians in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The musicians you need to find in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK are in Woodland Stable. That’s at these coordinates: 1047,1144, 0022 .In terms of landmarks, the stable is near Pico Lake in the north of Eldin Canyon. What you’re looking for is a small stage with a few troupe members to the left of the entrance. You absolutely need them to come with you to the Great Fairy in Zelda TOTK. Unfortunately, they won’t really talk to you. What they will do is mention the Clover Gazette newspaper and hint that it’s in Hebra. The musicians are such divas that they will only talk to a journalist from the Gazette, so that’s our next stop.

Where to Find Lucky Clover Gazette Newspaper in Hebra Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Lucky Clover Gazette newspaper in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK, our next step in unlocking access to the Great Fairy in TOTK, is in the northeast corner of Tabantha Frontier. It’s coordinates are -3232, 1781, 0119. Once again, take a gander at the pictures below to see where exactly it is. Once you reach the Gazette, head into the building and talk to the two NPC inside, Penn and Traysi. This begins a whole new side quest called “Potential Princess Sightings,” but that’s of no concern to us right now. What’s important is that you’re now officially a journalist of the Lucky Clover Gazette. In other words, the musicians will talk to you now.

Serenade to a Great Fairy Tera Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The last part of unlocking the Great Fairy in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom is to serenade her. Go back to Woodland Stables and talk to the musicians. You’ll learn that their cart is busted. So, use Ultrahand to attach the nearby wheels to their proper places on the cart and move the whole thing off the rock. Next, talk to the stable owner at the window and ask for one of your registered horses. When prompted, ask for a harness and attach it to the front of the cart with Ultrahand. Talk to the musicians and they’ll get into the cart. So, all that’s left is to drive them up the hill and to the Fairy’s flower.

A cutscene will play, in which you finally meet Great Fairy Tera in this Zelda game. Among other things, she will give you the locations of the other three Fairies. Mija is near the stables in Hebra, Kaysa near the stables in Hyrule Field, and Cotera near the stables in West Necluda.

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