Zelda TOTK Farm Zonaite & Crystallized Charges Locations

If you are looking for the best location to get more Crystallized Charges in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you are not the only one. Zonai devices are an essential gameplay component of the BotW sequel. And most of them require batteries to work. However, to make them better, you’ll need a lot of Crystallized Charges. Hence, in this guide, we provide the best place to farm Zonaite in TOTK.

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Farm Crystallized Charges & Zonaite Fast Zelda TOTK
Where to Find Zonaite and Crystallized Charges in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Where to Farm Crystallized Charges & Zonaite in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To get 100 Charges for the battery upgrade in Zelda TOTK, you must go to a Forge Construct. These special robots smelt Zonaite into various finished Zonai products. These locations’ name on the map is Zonai Crystal Refinery (a battery symbol on a map). There’s one Forge Construct on the starting Great Sky Island. He produces ten Charges per day, and will trade them to you for 30 Zonaite ore. However, it takes some in-game time for him to produce new Charges after you’ve purchased all 10. Let’s say that he replenishes his stock after 24 in-game hours. However, there are much better places to farm Zonaite in TOTK for your battery. As the Great Sky Island Construct suggest, you will need to search the Depths for it.

Nevertheless, finding one in the Depths is the best way to get Crystallized Charges in Zelda TOTK. Namely, there’s a special location in the Depths called the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Once you get the special Autobuild ability, you’ll also unlock a Forge Construct that sells many more Charges per day. You can get 30 per day. Furthermore, you can buy Large Crystallized Charges from him equal to 20x normal charges. He has 5 of these for sale daily. However, these require 3x Large Zonaite ore, a special ore that sometimes drops from mining. Finally, here you can also purchase a Huge Crystallized Charge, which is equal to 100 normal ones.

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