How to Cross Broken Rail Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you are unsure how to cross the broken rail to a floating island in Great Sky Island, this Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guide has you covered! From the very being of TOTK, you’ll learn that crafting and building various things is an essential part of the new Zelda experience. Many situations will put puzzles in front of you where you will have to have your wits about you and show your engineering skills. This guide explains how to reach the island with a mining cart powered by a Zonai fan and fix the severed rail.

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How to Cross Broken Rail Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Cross to Island with Broken Rail Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Next to the Mining Cave on Great Sky Island, there’s a Korok that has lost his friend. In order to bring his friend back, you will create a mining cart powered by a Zonai fan. You will then use this cart to carry over the Korok via the rails from one floating island to another. On that island, you might notice that there’s another pair of rails, going slightly upwards toward another floating island. Naturally, you will first try to use a mining cart powered by a Zonai fan. After all, that’s what you did with the first rails. However, this will not work here because one of the two rails is broken. And you need two rails in order to drive the cart on them. So, how to reach the second floating island? Is there a way to fix the broken rail in Zelda TOTK?

You can not fix the broken rail, but you can reach the island! You need to think outside the box! The game lures you to think you need a cart to cross to the other island. However, what you need is to use some of the nearby Hooks. Attach a Hook to a wooden platform to create a lift-like structure. Now attach two Zonai fans to this, one near the top and one near the bottom. Finally, when the whole construction is ready, hook it to the non-broken rail. In a way that the fans will blow in a direction opposite of where you want to go. Finally, hit the fans, and it will bring you to the island!

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  1. P

    I’m an idiot and tried to figure this out for ages, I ended up just walking very carefully all the way across the rail. It worked though.

    1. Don’t worry we’ve spent a lot of time figuring it out as well! We’re sure that there are some other solutions 🙂 But we ended up with this one.

  2. P

    Just made my day. Something so simple. Need to get my head out of latter game.

  3. S

    You just have to attach a hook to a cart and fan like a gondola. 🙂

  4. P
    Psycho Cat

    I just dragged my first cart thru the whole thing. By the time i got to the broken track part, i had 6 fans that i have accumulated and i blasted right thru that. The 6 fans were put on symmetrical.

  5. J

    I just hooked several carts together and put like 5 fans on the back and jumped that baby!!! Love how creative you can be on TOTK.

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