How to Use Wing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Zonai Glider

If you are unsure how to use the Zonai Glider in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve got you covered! Zelda Tears of the Kingdom builds upon many familiar features from BOTW but also greatly improves them. There are many new ways to traverse the landscape thanks to the Zonai and their devices. This guide explains how to control the Stone Bird Glider Wing in TOTK.

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How to Use Zonai Glider Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
How to Control Zonai Wing Zelda TOTK

How to Use Zonai Glider in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

We are all familiar with Link’s ionic paraglider from BOTW. Unfortunately, Link will not have it while on Great Sky Island, the first zone in the game. However, there’s an alternative! Namely, there are Zonai Wing gliders! They can be found on the runway just after the Gutanbac shrine, which you can use to quickly reach the Temple of Time. However, how to best use these Falcon Gliders in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? It’s fairly simple once you know what you need to do.

Firstly, you’ll need to use a nearby Zonai Device Dispenser. Put there some of your Zonai Charges and get a Zonai Fan. Once you have a fan, get near one of the TOTK Zonai Gliders. Use your Ultrahand to place it precisely on one of the ramps (in the groove). After that, drop one Zonai Fan near that Zonai Glider. Now use your Ultrahand ability to attach the fan to the back of the stone bird glider.

Finally, when you have the whole construction ready, it’s time to learn how to fly with the Zonai Glider Wing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. It’s quite simple! You only have to hit the fan once with your weapon, and it will start working! The force will propel the Stone Bird Glider, and you’ll soon find yourself in the air. And how to control it? Standing in the middle of the Glider keeps it level. And moving a bit to either side will steer it in that direction. Just make sure not to lean too much, or the glider will capsize, and you will fall. Finally, like all Zonai devices, the battery is not eternal, so land before it expires. And that’s about it.

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    Any tips how to use them from any place that is not a launch pad? It always just dives and i fall ott usually…

    1. I

      A zonai rocket will take it up. use the fan and it should start moving forwards

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