How to Build with Ultrahand Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Not sure how to build with the Ultrahand ability in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom? We’ve got you covered! Zelda TOTK is finally here, packed with fresh new content for players to explore. There’s also a set of brand-new core abilities, which will replace Runes from the previous game. The first one you’ll unlock is the Ultrahand. Here’s how to use it.

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How to Build with Ultrahand Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom
How to Build with Ultrahand TOTK

How to Create with Ultrahand Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Ultrahand is the first ability you unlock after entering the Ukouh Shrine. Part of this ability is just like the Magnesis rune from the first game. You can grab things and move them around to position them as needed. However, this one is even better as it doesn’t only work with metallic things. Rather, you can move all sorts of materials. Moreover, the UI has been upgraded, and it’s now easier to position things properly. However, the Ultrahand is not just about moving things around. You can also use it to join things together and create new things.

In the first example in the Ukouh Shrine, you use the Ultrahand to attach a huge metallic hook to a wooden platform. Together, they have created a new thing – the Lift. You were then able to use that Lift as a way to reach the end of the Ukouh Shrine. Building things with the Ultrahand is really easy. Press L to activate the ability. You grab a thing you want to attach to something by aiming at it and pressing A. Then move it close to another thing you want to attach to. Make sure that you’re in the right position, and then press A to attach it. And that’s it, the thing is now attached. And if you want to detach something, just wiggle the right stick, and it will unstick.

Later in the game, you’ll learn to create significantly more complex and advanced machines with the help of Zonai devices. And when you learn the Autbuild ability, you will be able to save the schemes of your favourite creations and create them with ease, even without the materials around. With that said, that’s all you need to know!

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