How to Use Zonai Device For a Raft Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Early on in the game, you will come across several Maker Constructs around a broken river raft. When you talk with them, they will tell you that you need to use a Zonai Device in order to get the raft up and running again. The MC will also tell you that every Zonai Device needs an Energy Cell in order to work. However, even when you put everything together, the question still remains how to then use the Zonai Device for a raft in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. We have written this guide in order to explain how this functions in the game.

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How to Use Zonai Device For a Raft Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
How to Use Zonai Device For a Raft Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Use the Zonai Device For a Raft in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

After speaking with the Maker Constructs, the first thing that you need to do here in order to repair the raft is to use your Ultrahand ability. Attach logs to one another. Three of them should be enough. After that, take one of the Zonai Device (it looks like a circular fan) and once again use Ultrahand to first rotate it so that its fan faces away from the raft, and then attach it to the back of the raft. Now place the raft in the water. And now we come to the part that has many players confused – how to get the Zonai Device to work.

You won’t get any prompt here, so you may be wondering how a Zonai Device even works. Well, it’s actually really simple. All that you need to do to get one to work – is to hit it with your weapon. Any weapon will do and this applies to all Zonai Devices. This will cause the Zonai Device to start working and begin consuming energy from the Energy Cell. You will see how much energy is left. To get the Zonai Device to stop, hit it again. You will need to do this from time to time so that the Energy Cell can refill.

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