Hylian Rice, Gourmets Gone Missing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The “Gourmets Gone Missing” side adventure will have you searching for Gotter’s missing guests. In this guide, we explain where to find Agus and the rest, how to make Princess Zelda’s recipe “Meat and Rice Bowl”, and where to find Hylian Rice.

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Hylian Rice, Gourmets Gone Missing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Where to Find Hylian Rice in Zelda TOTK

Gourmets Gone Missing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

At one point near the Riverside Stable, Lucky Clover Gazette’s editor-in-chief, Penn, will task you with investigating the case of “Gourmets Gone Missing”. Namely, the cook Gotter is worried that something is wrong with Agus and the rest. He states that they always cross the Owlan Bridge, and suggest that they might have been camping somewhere with tents. Tents and the Owlan Bridge are the key clues here.

What you should do is to cross the Owlan Bridge from the Riverside Stable direction, and turn left. Just follow the path through the forest on your map. Soon after the Owlan Bridge, you’ll spot a camp with tents. However, something is not righ with Agus and the rest. They seem seek and barely able to talk. If you read the not on the table in the middle of the camp, you’ll learn about Princess Zelda’s recipe “Meat and Rice Bowl”. There’s also a warning that you need to follow the recipe strictly. Hence, that’s likely why are the missing gourmets so sick. The have experimented with the recipe from princess Zelda in TOTK.

Where to find Hylian Rice Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In order to make Princess Zelda’s recipe “Meat and Rice Bowl”, you will need to combine plain raw meat, Hylian Rice, and rock salt. Surprisingly, Hylian Rice seems a rather hard thing to find in TOTK. So, how to get some Hylian Rice in Zelda TOTK? Cutting grass in most regions will drop Hylian Rice. However, the drop rates are extremely low. Hence, the best way to get Hylian Rice is by buying it in the East Wind general store in Hateno Village. That’s where we got it.

Once you have all the ingredients, head back to the tents with Agus and the rest of the gourmets. Prepare Princess Zelda’s “Meat and Rice Bowl” recipe and hand it to Agus. A cutscene will ensue, everyone else will get a meal, and you will talk with them a bit. After that, you will report to Penn, and he will reward you with 100 rupees.

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