Zelda TOTK Out of the Inn, Hearty Truffle & Inn Owner Tent

Finding the inn owner tent and Hearty Truffle in the Zelda TOTK Out of the Inn side quest are steps that you have to do in order to complete it. The game doesn’t show you where either of these things are (although, an NPC does point you vaguely to where the truffle is). So, in this guide, we will explain where to find both the inn owner and the Hearty Truffle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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inn owner tent & hearty truffle zelda totk out of the inn
Inn Owner Tent & Hearty Truffle Zelda TOTK Out of the Inn

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Inn Owner Location

Before you look for the Hearty Truffle in the Zelda Tears of the Kindgdom Out of the Inn quest, you first have to find the location of the inn owner tent. That is what Dai, the guy in the inn in Kakariko Village tells you to do, after all. What you need to do is go to north to the West Necluda Ring Ruins, then climb the highest hilltop to the west. From there, you have to glide down to a few platforms and just keep climbing and going west. You’ll find the inn owner’s tent on one of the large wooden platforms attached to the mountainside. It can be an arduous climb, so prepare accordingly.

Where to Find Hearty Truffle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Now that you know the location of the inn owner tent, it’s time to find the Hearty Truffle and complete the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Out of the Inn side quest. The NPC that’s taking care of the innkeeper points you to a specific waterfall on the other side of the area. You need to get to the top of said waterfall and crouch through a small hole to enter a cave, aka Kakariko Village cave. Explore the whole place, because it is full of resources. As for the truffles, you can find a bunch of them around the wide, squat stalagmite. Take a look at the screenshots to see where to go. Head back to the inn owner and give him the truffle, then visit him in the inn to get your reward.

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