Where is Throne Room Location in TOTK? New Champion's Tunic Guide

Where it the Hyrule Castle Throne Room location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? Not sure how to get the New Champion’s Tunic mentioned in Zelda’s Diary in TOTK? The iconic Champion’s Tunic is back in TOTK. Now new and improved, it’s called the Champion’s Leathers. Zelda has taken care of it. However, how to find the Hyrule Castle Throne Room in TOTK? And what does “torches are the key” mean? Read on as we explain everything.

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Zelda TOTK New Champion's Tunic, How to Get to Throne Room
New Champion’s Tunic Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How To Get New Champion’s Tunic in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

You may have discovered the Secret Room in Zelda’s House and found out that Zelda has prepared a special gift for you: a upgraded Champion’s Tunic! This is a powerful piece of armor that will help you on your journey. But there’s a catch. The armor is hidden in the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle, which is floating in the sky and inaccessible from the ground. How can you reach the Throne Room and claim your reward? Read on to find out.

Where is the Throne Room Location in Hyrule Castle in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In order to enter the Hyrule Castle Throne Room in Zelda TOTK early, you will first need to go above the castle. At least, that’s how we did it. Namely, we used the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower to propel Link into the air. And then you need to glide and navigate Link towards the Hyrule Castle. Important warning, though, you’ll need a lot of stamina and careful stamina management while in the air if you want to successfully reach the Hyrule Castle from above. However, once you reach the Hyrule Castle, the rest is a piece of cake. The Throne Room is called Sanctum – it is the very first large room when you enter the Castle.

Zelda TOTK Torches Are the Key to Get New Champion’s Tunic

Head to the Throne Room in order to find the New Champion’s Tunic in Zelda TOTK. Note that you will need to have some source of fire with you. That’s because you’ll need to light the torches. We’ve used Fire Fruits for this. When you light both torches in front of the throne, the eagle statue behind the throne will move, revealing a hidden compartment in the stand. Make sure to check out our images for all the details.

Check out the hidden compartment; you will find a chest inside. Open the chest, and you will find the Champion’s Leathers Armor inside! With that said, our “Zelda TOTK New Champion’s Tunic, How to Get to Throne Room” guide is completed. And while you are here, check out what materials you need to upgrade Champion’s Leathers.

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