Tears of the Kingdom Land of the Sky Fish Island Location

Not sure how to reach the Sky Fish Island in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? And where exactly is the Land of the Sky Fish location in Zelda TOTK? Sidon’s Clues to the Sky quest will require Link to find this Zelda TOTK Land of the Sky Fish. This guide explains the location and how to reach it Zelda TOTK.

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Land of the Sky Fish Island Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Where is the Land of the Sky Fish in Zelda TOTK

Zelda Tears of Kingdom Land of the Sky Fish Location

So where is the location of the Land of the Sky Fish in Zelda Tears of Kingdom? It’s right near where Sidon is located, at Mipha’s Court. However, in order to see it, you will need to look at the sky! That’s because Sky Fish Island is a part of the “Sky” map in Zelda TOTK. If you open your Sky map, you’ll spot a fish-like floating piece of land. It’s called Floating Scales Island. That’s where you need to go. Check out our images below for the exact location and how it looks.

How to Get to Sky Fish Island in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

However, how do you reach it when you know where it is? It seems hard, but there are actually several answers to the “how to get on Sky Fish Island” question. Zelda TOTK allows players to be even more creative with their traversing methods; the same is true here. Below we will share three methods with you:

  • If you have acquired the Zora Armor from Yona, you will be able to swim up the waterfall and reach the Island that way.
  • Alternatively, you can wait for one of many rocks falling from the sky to fall near Floating Scales Island. Then use your Recall ability, and it will bring you up to the sky. When you are in the right position, glide to Sky Fish Island.
  • Finally, you can make a Zonai balloon and reach the island that way. There are all the required materials around Mipha’s Court that you need to make a Zonai balloon.
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