Marbled Rock Roast Zelda TOTK Meat for Meat

The Meat For Meat is a very memorable little quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You start it by talking to Mezer at the Bedrock Bistro. He got into an argument with Cooke, the owner of this establishment, because Mezer didn’t finish his meal. Cooke doesn’t plan on letting him go until Mezer replaces the Marbled Rock Roast that he let go to waste. Since he can’t leave, Mezer will ask that you help him find this. Here’s where you need to go to find the Marbled Rock Roast in Zelda TOTK, so that you can complete the Meat for Meat quest.

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Marbled Rock Roast Zelda TOTK Meat for Meat
Marbled Rock Roast Zelda TOTK Meat for Meat

Where to find Marbled Rock Roast Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Meat for Meat Side Quest

Luckily, the Marbled Rock Roast is pretty close by. A short distance away from the Bedrock Bistro is the West Restaurant Cave. This is where you need to go, and we have marked this location in our screenshot gallery. But be warned, as this cave is filled with lave, and you’re going to need some Fireproof Elixir or the Flamebreaker Lava Resistance Armor to survive in there. If you don’t have the armor, you can make this elixir by hunting and then cooking the Fireproof Lizards that are nearby.

When you have devised a way to protect yourselves from the lava, go inside the cave. At the other end of the cave, you’re going to see the Rock Roasts. They look like regular meat roasts – only made entirely from rock. The problem here is that, once you pick up a Rock Roast, you need to then somehow transport it across the lava without burning yourselves. The good news is that there are hydrants in here. So whack a hydrant to start it, and then pick it up and place it across the lava to create patches of ground that you can safely walk on. All that’s left is to pick up a Rock Roast and bring it back to the Bedrock Bistro. For helping him, Mezer is going to reward you with a Large Zonai Charge.

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