Walton's Treasure Hunt TOTK Forest Dweller Spear, Sword, Shield

In our Walton’s Treasure Hunt TOTK Forest Dweller Spear, Sword, Shield guide, we are going to show you where to find these objects in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This is basically a minor side quest, in which you need to locate the three pieces of gear for a Korok. All of them are in Walton’s general vicinity, but his instructions are not exactly super-correct. Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to help.

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waltons treasure hunt totk forest dweller spear sword shield
Walton’s Treasure Hunt TOTK Forest Dweller Spear, Sword and Shield

Find Forest Dweller Spear, Sword and Shield Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Walton’s Treasure Hunt

To find the Forest Dweller Spear, Sword and Shield in the Walton’s Treasure Hunt quest in Zelda TOTK (or Tears of the Kingdom), you first have to ignore Walton’s directions. They are pretty vague and not exactly what you’d call correct. The first thing you want to do is climb up the tall bit of bark right behind and above Walton. You’ll find the sword sticking out of the “ground” at the following coordinates: 0414, 2172, 0242. Next, drop back to Walton and follow the edge of the bark on your left. See that bit where one of the trees meets the bark’s edge? That’s where the spear is, at these coordinates: 0405, 2195, 0229.

Now tha twe have the Sword and Spear, the final step to the Walton’s Treasure Hunt quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (or TOTK) is to find the Forest Dweller Shield. To find that, drop down close to the entrance into the Great Deku Tree. Ideally, you want to be at the following coordinates: 0420, 2147, 0151. Now, look above the doorway, and you’ll see that there’s a wooden arch going around it. Use Ultrahand to look around that arch, and you’ll see the shield pretty easily. Plus, you can manipulate the thing down to your level with the same ability. And there you have it, those are all three Forest Dweller objects you need to find for Walton. And if you don’t know where this particular Korok is, he’s at the top of the Great Deku Tree, at these coordinates: 0417, 2181, 0227.

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    Note for the shield: Not uncommon for it to clip into the Decu Tree when trying to move it, so rather than using ultra hand to grab it it is probably better to just jump and clip a couple feet to get it.

    In case it does clip into the tree, just fast travel back to the nearby shrine and it will be reset to its original location.

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