Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Miner's Set Map Location

Miner’s Set is a new armor set in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Since you’ll be spending hours in very dark places this armor gives you a new bonus Shining Steps. Its purpose is to provide some light in caves and especially in the Depths. Depths is a whole underground section of the game the size of Hyrule. Since it is permanent dark there you’ll have to activate lightroots to have a fast travel point, but also to light up the surrounding. Unfortunately, the road from one lightroot to another is long, dark and full of treacherous terrain. The Miner’s set consists of Miner’s Top, Miner’s Mask and Miner’s Trousers. It is located in very random locations throughout the depths and we’ll help you find all the pieces.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Miner's Set Map LocationZelda Tears of the Kingdom Miner’s Set Map Location and Set Bonus

Zelda TOTK Miner’s Set – Miner’s Top map location

Each piece of Miner’s Set is located in chests in the Depths underground area. There are many landmarks in the depths, from enemy bases to groves and abandoned mines. Most of these contain chests and some of them contain armor pieces. Miner’s Top is located in Daphnes Canyon Mine at coordinates -1077, -0556, -0514. This is north and a bit west from the Great Abandoned Central Mine you’ll visit as part of the main Depths quest and where you get the Autobuild ability.

Zelda tears of the Kingdom Miner’s Set – Miner’s Mask map location

Miner’s Mask is actually marked by an Old map you can find in a chest in the sky islands above Zora’s Domain. It is found inside Abandoned Kara Kara Mine at coordinates -3230, -2476, 0475. This is directly west of the Great Abandoned Central Mine and you can find lots of other goodies here.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Miner’s Trousers map location

Hylian Canyon Mine is the first named location southwest of the Great Abandoned Central Mine and it contains Miner’s Trousers. Coordinates are -1286, -2251, -0707. You can actually ride a mine cart from Central abandoned mine to here.

Zelda TOTK Miner’s Armor Set Bonus and upgrade materials

Miner’s Armor Set bonus is new to Zelda games and is called Shining Steps. It leaves lit up marks of your footsteps ever so often. The best thing about wearing the full set is the amount of light you’ll have around you though. This will make exploring uncharted portions of the depths a lot more pleasant. The set bonus is activated only if you upgrade each Miner’s Armor piece at the Great Fairy. Here are the required materials:

  • First upgrade: 10x Brightbloom Seed (found in caves)
  • Second upgrade: 20x Brightbloom Seeds, 5x Brightcap (mushroom found in caves)
  • Third upgrade: 15x Giant Brightbloom Seeds, 5x Glowing Cave Fish, 10x Deep Firefly (found in the Depths)
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