How to Get Master Sword Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Master Sword is the most iconic weapon in the Zelda franchise. Appearing in most Zelda games in one way or another, the Master Sword is also present in Zelda TotK as well. Similar to how it functioned in Breath of the Wild, this weapon also cannot be destroyed – unlike all the other weapons in the game. Naturally, since it is such a powerful weapon that is central to the plot, it won’t be obtainable right from the start. As for when and how to get the Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, our guide is here to explain exactly what you need to do to unlock this mighty blade.

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How to Get Master Sword Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
How to Get Master Sword Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get Master Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

This is a very involved process that is going to take you hours and hours of active playtime before you manage to get the Master Sword in Zelda TotK. Your search for Zelda is going to lead you to Impa and her investigation into Dragon’s Tears. This, in turn, will soon set you off on a much bigger adventure, where you will enter the Forgotten Temple and discover the map of the locations of all other Geoglyphs in Zelda TotK. Here are the coordinates for all the Dragon’s Tears, or you can take a look at our detailed guide with screenshots – Geoglyph Locations in Zelda ToTK, Dragon Tear Memories Map:

  • 2550 1886 0319
  • 1863 3621 0236
  • 3178 1699 0418
  • 3096 0077 0211
  • 0649 2683 0068
  • 0694 1309 0053
  • 4467 0304 0074
  • 3326 3566 0004
  • 0892 2951 0362
  • 1828 0737 0089
  • 4534 2144 0000
All Geoglyph Locations
All Geoglyph Locations.

Then, once you have found all Dragon’s Tears and unlocked the Memories that they hold inside, the Light Dragon will appear and start flying around the sky. You need to somehow get on top of it. The problem here is that it is, well, a flying dragon. This will require you to find some method to get on its back. These include having a flying Zonai Device, or to jump from one of the highest Sky Islands and glide towards it. The easiest method is probably to go to the Room of Awakening on the Great Sky Island, wait until the Light Dragon is close to it, and then jump and carefully glide to it. It might take some ingenuity and trial and error, but you will manage to do it.

Once you are on the Light Dragon itself, move towards its head. There, you will find the Master Sword. Now comes the next tricky part. To be able to pull it out, you are going to need two full stamina wheels. You start the game with one. To unlock the second stamina wheel, you need to find and complete Shrines. You can exchange 4 Blessings of Light to get 1 Stamina Heart. This means that you need 20 Shrines to get the full 5 Stamina Heart upgrades and get your Stamina to two wheels. Only then will manage to pull the Master Sword out and obtain it.

Though we still haven’t managed to replicate it, there also appears to be another, alternative way to get the Master Sword, without being required to find all Dragon’s Tears. For this, use the chasm that is closest to the Lost Woods. From there, go to the center of the Lost Woods and go inside the Great Deku Tree. Jump down the hole in it, defeat the enemies there and speak with the tree. It will give you the quest to retrieve the Master Sword. The rest of the process is the same as before. Note that you will still need 2 full stamina wheels.

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