Riogok Shrine Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, How to Get Chest

If you don’t know how to complete the Riogok Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, don’t worry! It took us a while as well. This Shrine Force Transfer puzzle with massive cogwheels, cylinders and platforms has players totally confused. Read on as we explain how to get the chest and finish the Zelda TOTK Riogok Shrine.

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Riogok Shrine Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, How to Get Chest
Zelda TOTK Force Transfer Shrine Solution

How to Complete Riogok Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

With the introduction of Zonai Devices and Link’s new abilities, Zelda TOTK has become a massive sandbox for creative players to manifest their imagination. The same goes for Shrines, as they now have much more combinations and options to solve them. One particularly bewildering is the Riogok Shrine and its “Force Transfer” puzzle. Let’s jump to the solution. The first part is straightforward. You will need to grab the cylinder on the ground with Ultrahand and put it so that it connects the two smaller cogs in front of the closed gate. Now smash the small pylon to trigger the mechanism. This will start the right big cogwheel, and transfer its rotation to the second big cogwheel via the small cogs and the cylinder. And this will open the gate. Head to the second room.

Zelda TOTK Force Transfer Shrine Solution

There are at least two methods to reach the end of the Riogok Shrine in Zelda TOTK. However, we will use the one that will allow us to grab the chest as well. First, grab the second cylinder and connect it to a small lever in front of the second gate. Now move it to the left to open it and grab the third cylinder from the inside. Now comes the “think outside of the box” part. Namely, we will need the third cylinder as well. The one that holds the two small cogs in the first room. Here’s how to take it:

  • While standing in the second room, use Ultrahand to pull the first cylinder towards you.
  • The first gate will immediately fall down and close.
  • What you now need to do is to use Recall on the second big cogwheel (the one above the chasm with ladders).
  • This will open the first gate.
  • Now grab the first cylinder and bring it to the second room.

How to Get to Riogok Shrine Chest in Zelda TOTK

Now, with all three cylinders in the second room, use Ultrahand to connect them to a long pole by their ends. First, use this massive pole to reach the chest on the isolated platform in the corner. Lean it against the wall there, and climb via it to grab the chest! Finally, to finish the Riogok Shrine in Zelda TOTK, simply put this long pole onto the lower (longer) platform leading towards the end of the Shrine, use Ascend to bring Link on that platform, and let Link climb the pole to reach the end!


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