Rock for Sale TOTK Tarrey Town Crystal Hagie Weird Rock

The “Rock For Sale” is one of the most interesting Shrine Quests in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. When you reach the Jochi-Ihiga Shrine at Lake Akkala and interact with the entrance, you’ll get a message that instructs you to “Seek the crystal connected to the beam, and offer it at the shrine.” The beam will lead you to to a weird rock in Tarrey Town and Hagie who will sell you this crystal. You may be confused as to what you need to do with it next, which is why our Rock for Sale TOTK Tarrey Town Crystal Hagie Weird Rock guide is going to show you the entire process from beginning to end.

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Rock for Sale TOTK Tarrey Town Crystal Hagie Weird Rock
Rock for Sale TOTK Tarrey Town Crystal Hagie Weird Rock

Tears of the Kingdom Rock for Sale, Tarrey Town Crystal Hagie Weird Rock Shrine Quest

Once the Jochi-Ihiga Shrine tells you to look for the crystal, it will project a beam. Follow it straight to Tarrey Town. At coordinates 3921, 1599, 0128, you will meet Hagie. He refuses to give away the crystal for free, so you will have to pay him to get this Weird Rock. It costs 50 Rupees, with an additional 20 Rupees to use the nearby railcar. Pay him, pick up the crystal with Ultrahand, place it on the railcar, and use it to get down to the Hudson Contruction Site.

You will see that the Crystal is still projecting a beam of light, which is meant to guide you where you need to take it. So remove it from the railcar and place it on a makeshift floating device (such as a raft) that you have made. Attach a Zonai Fan on it, start it up, and then simply follow the beam of light until you reach the Jochi-Ihiga Shrine. Place the Crystal in front of it, and the shrine will open, allowing you to claim Rauru’s Blessing within. If you are confused over any of these steps, you can see how it looks like in action in our video.

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