Tears of the Kingdom Stalnox Locations Map

If you’re looking for Zelda TOTK Stalnox locations, we’ve got you covered! Stalnox, the special type of Hinox, is once again terrorizing Hyrule, and it’s up to you to clear the world of them. This guide provides a map with all Stalnox locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom Stalnox Locations Map
Zelda TOTK Stalnox Locations

Stalnox Locations Map Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Stalnox is a unique type of Hinox which looks like a huge skeleton monstrosity with one eye. They are exceptionally rare to find and even harder to get into a battle with. That’s because even if you find them, they will sleep if you encounter them during the day. No matter what you do, they will sleep. Instead, you will need to look for them between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. That’s when they are awake and ready to fight you.

Another important thing is they will continue sleeping if you are too close around 9 PM. They will only become active if you step away from them and give them some space. Hence, make sure to give them some space to come to life if you encounter them around 9 pm. With that said, here are the Surface and the Depths map with currently known Stalnox locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom:

How to Beat Stalnox in TOTK

Stalnox is massive and strong but slow and clumsy. Hence, the best strategy to beat them is to avoid them and stay out of reach. They will try to grab you and throw you to the ground. The best approach is to shoot an arrow into its eye, which will stun it, and then attack with your melee weapon and deal as much damage as possible. When its health is below 50%, shooting the eyeball will separate it from its socket, which will cause the Stalnox’s body to disassemble into a pile of bones for a short period. This is the perfect moment to attack the eye until you defeat the Stalnox.

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