ToTK Secret Treasure Under Great Fish Location

The “Secret Treasure under the Great Fish” is a side quest that you get from Sidon in Zora’s Domain. This Secret Treasure Under the Great Fish features a cryptic hint that states the following: “The great fish. The eternal guardian. A secret treasure awaits just beneath the stony form of its statue. Below the long bridge that reaches for the statue, leave your fears behind. Pass beneath two waterfalls to find your prize.” If you are wondering how to solve this puzzle, we are going to show you the exact location where you need to go to complete the Secret Treasure under the Great Fish quest in Zelda TotK, and also the reward that you get from it.

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ToTK Secret Treasure Under Great Fish Location
ToTK Secret Treasure Under Great Fish Location

How to Do Secret Treasure Under the Great Fish Zelda ToTK

The crypic and somewhat misleading manner in which the message is written means that figuring out which actions you have to take in order to get to the secret treasure can be pretty tough to figure out on your own. So let’s go over it, step by step. The long bridge refers to the bridge that is goes to the Zora’s Domain, the one with the giant fish’s head. Below the bridge, you’re going to see a huge waterfall. Jump down and glide through it to reach a hidden area. This is the first waterfall.

This is the Cave Under Zora’s Domain. Directly beyond the entrance to the Depths, there is another waterfall. Jump and glide through this second waterfall. Behind it you are going to find a chest and inside it – the Vah Ruta Divine Helm. This Vah Ruta Divine Helm in TotK is said to depeen the bond with the Zora when it is worn by a Hylian. And that’s how to complete the Secret Treasure Under the Great Fish.

What Does the Vah Ruta Divine Helm Do in ToTK?

The Vah Ruta Divine Helm has two primary uses. First of all, wearing it will increase your Swim Speed. And secondly, it will increase the attack power of Sidon. As such, it can make the Solemn Vow of Sidon, Sage of Water more powerful.

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