Skeleton Horse Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Stalhorse Location

In our Skeleton Horse Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Stalhorse Location we are going to show you where you can find these mounts in Zelda TOTK. The bony corpse-horses were pretty popular in Breath of the Wild (their weaknesses aside), so it’s nice that they’re making a comeback in the sequel. So, where are they? Let’s find out.

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skeleton horse zelda tears of the kingdom stalhorse location
Skeleton Horse Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Stalhorse Location

Zelda TOTK How to Get Skeleton Horse, Stalhorse Location

To find a location of the Skeleton Horse or Stalhorse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you will have to go into the Underground Depths. We have a whole separate guide on that, but the long story short is: find an open chasm in the ground that’s surrounded with ominous, glowing red rocks. One of them is in Central Hyrule, to the south of Lookout Landing. Drop all the way to the bottom, and be sure to cushion your fall by using the glider. Otherwise, you’ll turn into minced Link. Then, go to the northwest and you’ll come across a couple of Stahlhorses. You can “tame” them like you would any of the regular horses. Yes, they will eat apples and carrots; the lack of stomach is no issue.

That’s the one Stalhorse or Skeleton Horse location we know of in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom at the time of writing. Obviously, there are likely other herds of them elsewhere in the Underground Depths. Maybe you’ll also run into them above ground, serving as war mounts for bokoblins (EDIT: yes, you can, we found above-ground stalhorses around Sanidin Park Ruins. Can’t register them and they vanish at 5 AM). That’s how they worked in Breath of the Wild, at least, so who knows? I would assume they’re the most common method of transportation in the subterranean system stretching all across Hyrule, though. Also, I suspect they will have all the same limitations that they did in BotW. Namely, you couldn’t register them at a stable (if indeed there are stables under the ground), and they died when the sun came out. We’ll have to do more testing before we can say anything for certain.

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