Small Fairy Locations Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Knowing where to find Small Fairy locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is incredibly useful, because these little things can actually revive Link. You can see how that could come in handy, right? But where are they? In Breath of the Wild, they used to appear around Great Fairies, but now they’re nowhere to be seen. And for that matter, how do you catch them? Let’s talk about that.

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small fairy locations zelda tears of the kingdom
Small Fairy Locations Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Where to Find Small Fairy Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

You can find the Small Fairy locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom around the small, circular ponds on the Sky Archipelagos. I mean, they are usually found around the circular ponds, but really, they can appear around any body of water on the floating islands. For example, you can use the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower to get launched into the air and then slowly glide to the nearby archipelago, and check for the fairies. The trick is that you have to sneak up on them extremely carefully. They are very skittish. If you have the Yiga armor, this would be a great time to use it. Once collected, the Fairies do respawn after a while. We’re not sure how long it takes, but they return.

And there you have it, that’s where you find the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Small Fairy locations. I’ve seen people on the internet mention that they can be in caves, but that hasn’t been the case in our experience. Also, Small Fairies used to spawn around the Great Fairies in Breath of the Wild, but that’s no longer the case. As far as we can tell, the Small Fairies only congregate around ponds on Sky Islands. And what do they do, I hear you ask because you’ve skipped over the introduction? Well, if Link dies, having a Small Fairy in his inventory brings him back to life with four full hearts. So, yeah; you want to have a few on hand at all times, especially against bosses.

how to get zelda tears of the kingdom small fairies
Sneak up carefully
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    Nah, they deff can be found in caves. There are some down in the caves under Lookout Landing, just for example.

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