Zelda TOTK Fused Weapon Durability Explained

Does fusing items to a weapon increases Weapon Durability in Zelda TOTK? If you want to know how weapon durability and fuse interact, we have all the info that you need. The ability to Fuse items and materials into weapons is brand new, and it opens up a lot of interesting abilities. In this guide we explain how does fused materials affect weapon durability and if you can repair weapons with Fuse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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Zelda TOTK Fused Weapon Durability Explained
Can You Repair Weapons with Fuse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Fused Weapon Durability Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Weapon Durability is back as one of the core gameplay mechanics in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. And, unfortunately, just like in the first game, you can not repair your damaged or broken weapons. Once you use them, they will break and disappear from your inventory. However, this encourages players to experiment more. And with the newly added fused ability, possibilities are almost endless. The durability of weapons in Zelda TOTK varies depending on the weapon type.

However, the game doesn’t provide exact information on how many hits you have before the weapon breaks. You only get the “badly damaged” warning once it’s about to break. When you get the “badly damaged” warning, that means there are three more hits left before it breaks. However, can you repair weapons with Fuse when you attach materials to them? Well, yes and no.

Weapons in Zelda TOTK will not get repaired when you Fuse an item into it. However, every material in the game provides 25+ bonus durability to a fused weapon. If you fuse a material onto a weapon at any point, it will get 25 extra hits. For example, if your weapon is “badly damaged” and has only three hits left, and you Fuse an Amber onto it, it will have 28 hits left before it perishes. Keep in mind that you can not do this infinitely. You will get 25 bonus hits only the first time you fuse a material onto a weapon. If you break the material and fuse another, it will not add bonus hits. Finally, to our understanding, all materials give a flat 25-hit bonus; there is no difference there.

Durability When Fusing Weapons to Weapons Zelda TOTK

We have covered the material fusing, but what about weapons? When you fuse a weapon onto another weapon, you will not get a flat 25 bonus. Rather the amount of extra hits is equal to the durability of the fused weapons. For example, if you fuse a Royal Guard Spear (14 Durability) onto the Soldiers Broadsword (23 Durability), it will give you 14 extra hits. Furthermore, the same rules of a maximum of 25 bonus hits apply here. You can not infinitely fuse weapons onto another weapon. Once you get 25 bonus hits, that’s it.

Finally, when using Pelisons Break-a-Part Shop, durability will not go back, nor will you get another extra +25 free hits effect. A shoutout to Reddit user LivelyZebra, who has done all the research. Make sure to check out his thread for more details on how fusion works.

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