TOTK Misko's Treasure Pirate Manuscript Solution

If you are looking for the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Treasure Pirate Manuscript location, we know it! The notorious bandit Misko had hidden his spoils all over Hyrule. Brothers Domidak and Pissen told us a story about “a forgotten pirate cavern” that “lurks at the foot of Cape Cales.” This cave overlooks the Necluda Sea. Apparently, a “short and shrill song of wind through lips” will open the way to the treasure. Read on as we explain what this all means.

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TOTK Misko's Treasure Pirate Manuscript Solution
TOTK Misko’s Treasure Pirate Manuscript Location

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Misko’s Treasure Pirate Manuscript Solution

Once again, a mysterious riddle in the form of a Misko’s Treasure Pirate Manuscript. What does it mean, and where do we need to go? Let’s establish the location first. This forgotten pirate cavern “lurks at the foot of Cape Cales, overlooking the Necluda Sea”. Hence, our first clue is that we need to go to the far southeast part of the Surface map, where the Necluda Sea is. More specifically, we will need to reach Cape Cales. Check out our map below for the exact location. However, keep in mind that in order to enter the cave, you’ll need a raft, as it is a coastline cave.

Once you reach the cave entrance, press your whistle button. The one you use to call your horse. That’s the “short and shrill song of the wind through lips” part. That will open the Cape Cales Cliffbase Cave entrance. The usual Misko’s Treasure shrine is to the left in the cave. However, the main reward is not there. Rather, it’s on the huge sunken pirate ship inside the cave. Use Ascend to reach the ship’s deck, fight the monsters there, and search the deck. You’ll find a chest behind some wooden boxes. And inside the chest – Tingle’s Tights! With that said, our “TOTK Misko’s Treasure Pirate Manuscript Solution” guide is completed!

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