Zelda TOTK Trip Through History

In our Zelda TOTK Trip Through History guide, we are going to walk you through this Tears of the Kingdom side quest. Your goal is to tell Bugut about what the stone slabs found in the Kakariko Village Ring Ruins say. He’d love to see them himself, but he’s too afraid of heights. So, what you actually need to do is find four books which contain translations of the slabs. Let’s find out where these are.

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zelda totk trip through history
Zelda TOTK Trip Through History

A Trip Through History Quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The first step after you get the “A Trip Through History” side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK is to go to these coordinates: 1940, -1081, 0166. That’s a bit to the southeast from Kakariko Village, in the ruins. At those coordinates, you’ll find a book on a small folding table. Read it to learn about the partially deciphered slabs. Next, we are going to 1634, -1182, 0217. That’s on the road leading west from Kakariko Village. See that horseshoe-shaped thing on the map? That’s where we’re going. Once again, find the book on the small table and read more of the deciphered slabs.

Our third goal is at the coordinates 1738, -0903, 0199. This will take you to a wooden platform near the top of the mountain northwest of Kakariko Village. It’s where you find the innkeeper in the Out of the Inn side quest. You’ve guessed it, there’s another book on a table right next to the tent that you’ll have to read in order to complete the Zelda TOTK A Trip Through History quest. Lastly, head to the ruins on top of East Hill. Go around them to the eastern side to find the entrance. Near the coordinates 1905, -0831, 0199, you’ll find the final book. Be sure to read it, or else your visit won’t count.

Once you’ve read all four books and gathered as much info about the deciphered slabs you can, go back and report to Bugut (the NPC that gave you the quest). If you’re not sure where he is, since he moves around the village, track the quest. Bugut will then appear as a yellow dot on the map.

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