Who Goes There Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Who Goes There Zelda Tears of the Kingdom side quest takes you to a statue that can do a very useful but oddly shady service for Link. However, there are two potential problems here, namely, how do you start the quest and how do you open the passage into the Royal Hidden Passage. Now, while there may be more than one way to do all this, we’ll present you the easiest method in this guide.

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who goes there zelda tears of the kingdom
Who Goes There Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Start Quest Who Goes There Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To start the Who Goes There quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, it seems that you need to complete one of the game’s dungeons or temples first. It doesn’t matter which order you do them in, but it’s probably best to begin with the Wind Temple. Talk to Scorpis. The easiest way to begin this quest, though, is to go and talk to Jerrin in Central Hyrule, in the Lookout Landing Emergency Shelter after doing one temple (though we’re not certain if this is necessary for this path). She will tell you about the voice coming from the nearby passage, and that will begin the Who Goes There quest.

How to Open the Passage in Who Goes There Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To open the passage in the Who Goes There quest in Zelda TOTK, head into the tunnel that Jerrin pointed out. Break down the rock wall, and then another one right in front of you. Forget about the one on the right for now. Keep going down this path and breaking walls when necessary (there are usually boulders around to fuse onto a weapon). Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a slightly larger cavern with a rock wall on the left. A voice will say “Sense me.” when you approach it. Break the wall down and talk to the statue. As we’ve explained in our How to Swap Hearts for Stamina guide, this thing lets you sell a unit of health or stamina for 100 Rupees, and then buy a unit of either back for 120 Rupees.

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