Zelda's House Secret Room Location Tears of the Kingdom

Not sure where to find Zelda’s House Secret Room location in Tears of the Kingdom? Don’t worry, we know where it is! In TOTK, Zelda has her own little house in Hateno Village. And that house has a little secret chamber! Read on as we explain how to enter the secret room made by Bolson in TOTK.

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Zelda's House Secret Room Location Tears of the Kingdom
How to Enter Zelda’s Secret Room in TOTK

Where is Zelda’s House Secret Room in Tears of the Kingdom

If you’ve played BotW, you probably remember a nice little house at the edge of Hateno Village. That was your house back then, which you bought from the Bolson Construction Company. And now, that’s Zelda’s house! If you read her diary, you’ll learn she has commissioned Bolson to construct a special secret room in Zelda’s house. However, it seems really hard to find this room!

Zelda says that this room “won’t appear on the plans”. It also states that “it’s dim but humidity and temperature controlled”. Finally, she concludes that it’s very comfortable. So, how to enter Zelda’s House Secret Room in Tears of the Kingdom? The solution here is that you need to think outside the box. Or, in this case, outside of the house.

Namely, the secret chamber is not inside the house. Rather it’s in the backyard of the house. Specifically, head to the right side of the house. You’ll spot a well in the corner of the yard. That well is called Zelda’s Secret Well. Use the ladder to reach the bottom of the well. And that’s where you will find Zelda’s Secret Room in Tears of the Kingdom!

Once inside, you will find some useful resources. However, more importantly, you will also find the second Zelda’s journal! And in this one, she talks about the Champion’s Tunic. Check out our dedicated guide on how to get the Champion’s Tunic.

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