AC Origins Outfits, Costumes & Customization

Outfits in AC Origins don’t work the same way they did in previous games. While costumes used to have stats and allow for different things, they’re now purely cosmetic. They won’t change the way you play the game, only your look. There’s a lot of them, and they can be bought from various merchants, awarded for completing activities, found in secret chests. We’re making a list of all the AC Origins outfits & costumes here, to show you what they look like and how to get them.

ac origins outfits costumes customization
AC Origins Outfits, Costumes & Customization
According to various reports from preview events, it seems like each outfit will exist in several color schemes. This means two players could get the same outfit, from the same source, in different colors. Nothing has been said about outfit customization, and whether we’ll be able to apply dyes to our costumes. Here are some outfits that caught our eye while we were watching the preview footage:

Engai Narok

This is the outfit of Elder Massai warriors. It is meant to symbolize their status in the society. It has rich fabric patterns and a decent amount of jewelry. You can buy it from a weaver for 2000 gold.

Egyptian Hedj

This one is the ancient Egyptian version of business casual. It is both formal and everyday clothing at the same time. It is sleek, but also simple and unassuming. You can get it for 200 gold at a weaver’s shop.

Savannah Marauder

The marauder outfit is all black, with a piece of leopard skin dangling from one of the shoulders. It has a mask that covers the wearer’s face, and bandaged arms. It is available for purchase at weaver stands, for a mere 250 gold pieces.


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