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Butcher Knife is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. This is a great weapon for people who invest their attribute points in strength, as it starts off with an “A” attribute bonus effect. This guide will show you the Butcher Knife location in Dark Souls 3, its stats and what it looks like.

Where to find Butcher Knife

Area: Road of Sacrifices
The Closest Bonfire: Road of Sacrifices

  1. Head deeper into the woods from the Road of Sacrifices bonfire. Soon enough, you’ll happen upon two broken carts. Go uphill from there.
  2. After you defeat the enemy casting poison clouds from a platform, drop toward the nearby stone bridge.
  3. Before going under the bridge, look for a small path opposite from it. There should be a half naked NPC there wielding a giant cleaver, looking much like Maneater Mildred. You have to kill her in order to get the Butcher Knife.

Butcher Knife Description & Stats

Butcher’s knife with an oddly large blade wielded by the madwoman haunting the Road of Sacrifices.
Squarely-landed hits restore HP.
Back in the Undead Settlement, the woman acquired a taste for human flesh, of which she took glee in partaking.
Skill: Sharpen. Sharpening the blade increases HP restored with each successful hit.

Although it’s called a knife, this weapon is actually a giant cleaver. It behaves similarly to axes, and requires a lot of strength to use. It also scales really well with strength. Lastly, it restores a bit of HP each time you hit someone. It can save you from a dire situation with a few swings, and the skill only intensifies this.

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