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Chaos Blade is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. It is a katana with an A in dexterity scaling.
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It can be found in one of the secret areas, later on in the game. This guide will show you how to get Chaos Blade in Dark Souls 3, what it looks like, its stats and moveset.

Where to find Chaos Blade

Area: Untended Graves
The Closest Bonfire: Champion Gundyr

  1. Untended Graves is a secret area in Dark Souls 3. If you haven’t found it yet, you can take a look at our Untended Graves Secret Area Guide.
  2. To gain access to this part of the area, you’ll have to defeat Champion Gundyr, the local boss.
  3. Once he is defeated, proceed through the unlocked door and follow the path. It will lead you to a building much like Firelink Shrine. Before you enter this building, turn left and keep following the path. The Chaos Blade is at the end of it, on top of the stairs.
  4. If you are a big fan of the katana-style weapons, you might already have the very first katana you can find in the game – the Uchigatana. Like on purpose, the Chaos Blade is in the same place outside Dark Firelink Shrine, as the Uchigatana was outside the regular one.

Chaos Blade Description & Stats

A cursed sword of unknown origin bearing uncanny streaks on its blade.
Attacks also damage its wielder.
The sword is not unlike a thing misshapen, granted life, but never welcome in this world. In other words, chaos itself.
Skill: Hold. Assume a holding stance to rapidly execute a lunging slash with normal attack, or a deflecting parry with strong attack.

The Chaos Blade scales the best with Dexterity (A). It also does additional bleed damage. But great power comes with a price, as this weapon hurts its wielder as well. In order to use it efficiently, you need at least 16 Strength and 14 Dexterity.

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