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Key Codes are number sequences in Deus Ex Mankind Divided that can be used on keypads to unlock doors, safes and bypass security. You can find many of them in portable secretaries, or by hacking other people’s computers, but there’s a lot of them.
If you’re not interested in hacking, you’ll have to collect the codes. This guide is going to show you a list of all keypad passcodes in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which locks they open.

Key Codes in Deus Ex: MD locations

  • Check every pocket secretary you find. They can contain keypad passcodes, or email login details. Not all of them will be lying on the floor, waiting to be found. You’ll have to search dead bodies and look into every nook and cranny.
  • Hack computers. Others sometimes mention keypad combinations in their email exchanges. If not, they’ll at least give you insight into the state of affairs in the world of 2029.
  • Eavesdrop on NPCs. Listening to two security guards talk can end in you getting a code to bypass a security laser, while invading the privacy of criminals and enforcers may reward you with easy access to a vault full of dirty money.

VersaLife, Picus, Tarvos and Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycards

Vault Keycards VersaLife, Picus, Tarvos and Tai Yong Medical are special access cards in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. They allow you to enter vaults under the Palisade Bank. The vaults are on a different levels and you will need to hack override panels to reveal vault doors. These cards are well hidden, thus we’ve prepared for you detailed walkthrough guide – Vault Keycard Locations in Deus Ex: MD that unveils their locations.

Location Description Code
Dubai In a storage area on the Dubai rooftop level 2 4801
Dubai In the Dubai Penthouse 1b for the Atrium door. 0682
Zelen Poor Apartment no. 22 Opens a door to Poor Apartment 22 0310
Zelen Poor Apartment no. 41 Josef Severn Computer in Poor Apartment (thanks gumbo1919) thevoidwhichbinds
Zelen Poor Apartment no. 31 Computer password for Daria Myska (thanks to AndrewDean84 for leaving it in the comments) starlight
Zelen Poor Apartment no. 23 Safe code inside apartment 23 (the one on the first floor – to the north – across from the vendor – you can get inside it through a window from the ground floor). Safe is hidden behind the refrigerator and you will have to have the augmentation to move heavy objects to reach it. Neuropozyne, revolver and Biocell are inside. 9002
Zelen Poor Apartment no. 23 Password for Teresa Petrauskas computer terminal is krodine (name of the actress on the movie poster behind the computer). Thanks to Sgt BoOgiE for leaving this info in the comments. krodine
Capek Fountain Station Ticket booth door keypad code 3998
Konicky & Hracky Toys factory Security hub 1980
Konicky & Hracky Toy Factory Safe Inside the Mini Storage near Adam’s apartment and Konycky & Hracky building. 2489
Konicky & Hracky Toy Factory Locker on the right 1998
Svobody Beer Pub In a building south of Adam’s apartment complex is a pub called Svobody Beer. The owner will request some Neuropozyne. If you decide to give it to her she will start selling Medical supplies for 250 credits and give you the code to her basement door. 1015
Tourist information center Code for Tourist information center. 1591
Palisade Sewer lvl 3 On the 3rd level of Palisade Sewer 1363
Palisade Sewer lvl 3 On the 3rd level of Palisade Sewer 1363
Palisade Sewer lvl 4 Passcode for the Otar Botkoveli’s casino safe in Palisade sewer Casino on the level 4 4863
Palisade Sewer lvl 4 Otar Botkoveli’s casino, security hub otarminator
DaiTaga Basement at DaiTaga. 5622
Tech Noir Storage in Tech Noir. 2469
North Prague Vadim Orlov safe passcode. 3608
Near TaskForce 29 Storage locker near TaskForce 29 Headquarters 6354
TaskForce 29 In a small room in TaskForce 29 building near Shooting Range, you’ll spot a Safe next to a computer on a desk. 2023
TaskForce 29 Door to the IT Support area on the first floor of TaskForce 29 5545
TaskForce 29 Computer in Server room in TF29 Clod04sfd8s
TaskForce 29 Ethan’s Computer in TF29 FrakkingUpTheA
TaskForce 29 Aria Argento computer password in room next to the shooting range in TF29 tuscany2023
TaskForce 29 Dr. Jennifer Phillips computer access code in the TF29 Infirmary neuropozyne
TaskForce 29 TF29 infirmary storage room safe access code (contains nuropozyne and Triangle code) 4822
TaskForce 29 Peter Chang computer password in TF29 Level 2 Aphasia5689
TaskForce 29 Vincent Black computer password in his office on Level 2 in TF29 Organized Crime room (first letter is capitalized!) Origami1970
TaskForce 29 Duncan Macready computer password in his office on Level 2 in TF29 Counter-Terrorism Unit (first letter is capitalized!) Sharp007
TaskForce 29 Vincent Black safe code (thanks to Smoere for leaving the code in the comments) 7913
Ruzicka Station Door code for maintenance room at the station. It is the first door to the right as you climb the stairs towards the cops infested restricted area. 0808
Ruzicka Station Ruzicka Security room door keycode 8066
Ruzicka Station Security computer’s password DELLAROCCA
Ruzicka Station Ticket booth computer terminal ANTARES
Golem City – The Utulek Complex Dr. Martine Onzime safe code (her apartment is on Level for of the complex in the southwest corner) 9990
Golem City – The Utulek Complex Police barracks north part of Level 3 2223
Golem City – The Utulek Complex Medical lockup on Level 3 (behind the police barracks) 6123
Golem City – The Utulek Complex Locked area 2046
Golem City – The Throat Code for laser deactivation terminal in Golem City – The Throat 3354
Golem City – The Utulek Complex Locked area 2046
Golem City – ARC Living Quarters Security gate code 3468
Golem City – ARC Living Quarters Code for computer in room 350420 in ARC Restricted Area Vm451
Golem City – ARC Operations Code for leftmost Mini-Storage in ARC Restricted Area (Level 2 – northwest – close to elevator that takes you to Talos) 2544
Golem City – ARC Operations Kvido Barkus computer terminal code on Level 2 ou812
Golem City – ARC Operations Marek computer code on Level 2 pozy45
Golem City – ARC Operations Viktor Marchenko computer terminal access code on Level 2 strmsrg
Golem City – ARC Restricted Area – Ty Zahrada Security terminal passcode on Level 5 that controls drones raptor
Pilgrim Station Server room inside Employee Only area of Pilgrim Station. 9143
Governmental Registration office During the mission 10, you’ll meet with Janus in the abandoned information center in the Central Plaza. You’ll get the password for the computer from Agent Kraft, the guard in front of the building. SAMITHEDOG
Time Machine Door code for the Koller’s storage behind his shop 1984
Samizdat’s office Door to Samizdat’s office in the sewers 5431
Cybercrimes Office Selina Carter’s laptop code (thanks The DarkSwarm) 7734
Lekarna Pharmacy Nicholas Cipra computer password owningthedevil
Palisade bank Executive services room. 9593
Palisade bank Executive Vault Room A08 1305
Palisade bank Account Management level 8 0863
Palisade bank Executive A09 safe on Level 7 2357
Palisade bank – Level 8 Code for door to Account manager office. (Restricted area) 0831
Palisade bank Code for safe in the secret room in vault A 1114
Palisade bank Password for a computer on the 3th Floor in the Security Room clemenza
Palisade bank Code for a safe in the vault B 1110
Palisade bank Level 7 Security room – Computer password aklvd6681
Palisade bank A button under the desk in Executive services room unveils a safe. 6477
Palisade bank Maintenance room Palisade bank. Bank Garage Level 3 to the right of the main entrance. 6745
Palisade bank Door to Palisade bank IT Services on Level 9 1969
Palisade bank Code to a safe at the Palisade bank in room B row 01 6641
Palisade bank Code to the CEO’s office 0211
Palisade Bank VIP vault at Palisade, room B, row 06. 1996
Palisade bank Code to a VIP safe of Prybil family 0310
Palisade bank Code to John Miller’s safe 1363
Palisade station Code for room on the third level 0666
Tubehouse Door in Tubehouse Electronics Store 0310
Palisade station Code for Mini-Storage 2565
Kopecky’s puppet shop Locked workshop in Kopecky’s puppet shop 4465
Kopecky’s puppet shop Locked workshop in Kopecky’s puppet shop 4465
LIMB clinic During the mission Taking Care of business, you’ll come to LIMB clinic. Use this code to open the door. 4464
Helipad building near Limb Clinic Taking Care of business mission tells you to meet Miller at a helipad, but the front door is locked. 4465
London Apex Center Floor 2 In the missions Secure the Convention Centre and Protecting the future you’ll get objective to get into VIP room in London Apex Centre. 2202
Allison Complex Door that goes up to the fourth floor of Allison Complex 0011
London Apex Centre For the security override switch in Liam Slater’s office – CSO’s main office. You’ll need it during the mission Secure the Convention Centre 5395
Prague Side mission Neon Nights side mission takes you to Dvali base in the sewers near Capek Station, where you’ll find a locked gate (with a turret behind it). 0311
Registration building near Monument Station The Golden Ticket Side Mission’s objective leads you to Registration building’s back room which doors are locked. 6788
Near Palisade Station In the Fade to Black side mission Dobromila gives you a map to Storage locker in exchange for Train Ticket that you found in Black’s office. The Vlasta’s storage locker is west of Palisade Station. 2565
Modern apartment – Hlavni 33(near Palisade station) Apartment 201 door keypade code 6864
Modern apartment – Hlavni 33 (near Palisade station) Right storage locker on the ground floor 4227
Modern apartment – Hlavni 33 (near Palisade station) Left storage locker on the ground floor 2913
Safehouse near Red Queen During the side mission All in the Family, the objective sends you to the Safehouse. On the third floor you’ll find a loked door. 0666
Jensen’s Stories – preorder bonus During the mission Investigating the bombing – Tarvo’s offices Floor 2 1029
Jensen’s Stories – preorder bonus During the mission Investigating the bombing – Tarvo’s offices Floor 2 1703
Jensen’s Stories – preorder bonus During the mission Investigating the bombing – Tarvo’s offices Floor 4 4826

We still don’t know if every locked door will have a keypad code that opens it. Some of them may require hacking, so be prepared to hack at least a little – invest in some hacking augmentations and helpful viruses. Stay tuned, as we’ll update this page with all the precise info as we progress through the game.

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    Sgt BoOgiE

    Password for Teresa Petrauskas in poor house apt 23 is “krodine” the name of the actress on the movie poster behind the computer .. you can get into the apartment via the window and it has a breakable wall in the back room that connects to the dealers place.


    Password for cat lady apartment (31) is starlight. Check out the car figurine next to PC.


    For BonBons computer pw you go down to the informer across the window from apartment 22 and get info B the PW is DobraNoc

      M T Mabowels

      How do you enter BonBon’s password? I can’t find the ‘shift key’ so all letters are Uppercase.


        Just type it as you see it, as there are no caps or shift key to use on any laptop or door keypad.


    TaskForce 29 Vincent Black office wall safe: 7913


    Password for computer in Hemingway’s Fine Stouts: furvent6


      Password for keypad in basement of hemingways – 2003. (age of wine barrels on first floor)


    Keycode for very first door: 0451 (There is an achievement if you key in said code)


      This was the same key code from Deus Ex 1 – Unatco base (the container with satellite) :)))))


    Neon Laboratory – South Prague sewers Code for Neon reactor room / terminal. Go right as you descend into the sewers, once you descend into the sewers go right at the fork. There’s a lvl 5 door there with a turret behind it. Get past that and follow until you reach the Neon laboratory = 7851

    Sorry but thats wrong, does not work…. i do not know the code offhand, as i’m just going back to do some acheivements, and was back there early on (Before seeing Koller for 1st time) and nope it absolutely is wrong…. doesn’t work on either the door (gate) that has the turret behind it or the next door either…


      oh and to be clear, by “NEXT DOOR” i mean the actual door to the neon labs….. but you can just turn around jump across left side and use one frag grenade at the doorway to remove the heavy object if you don’t have heavy lifting aug… and ghain way better access to the labs anyway

      Gosu No0b

      Code to that door is 0311 🙂

    katy phelan

    server room A the code doesn’t work for the playstation 4 i don’t know why i tried nothing happened not sure if it is a glitch or not .?


    TaskForce 29 Neural Subnet laptop: JJKPOXZ774


    Passcode listed for tech noir is not for the door in the shop. It’s for the right storage unit near the shop. Level 5 hack

    devin crockett

    what is the keypad code for that gun safe by the shooting range, the one with the sniper


    Palisade bank Level 2 Security room – Computer password: KLMVP9951


    Dr Delara Auzenne’s computer in TF29 (psychology room) is auz1lu51at1


    Worth noting that the safe code for Zelen 23, 9002, works on both of Tars’ apartment keypads as well.


    Code for the computer in the Tai Yong Vault is GBNM45KLP53. The one in the Tavros vault is LKMN01259KNML. The one in the Picus vault is N3WSM4KER.


    5136 is the code to the bank’s parking garage. you can get the code from a truck’s trunk outside the bank (corner between bank and ludvik’s lounge).


    Psychiatrist delara computer password is auz1lu51at1


    Tourist Information Center code is incorrect, is this the same one as the one in Mission 10? Trying to do Foxiest of the Hounds playthrough and this damn terminal only has a 3 sec alarm timer on it, it’s a level 1 but I get detected every time and all of my Praxis skills are maxed. I’m too lazy to go find the extra 15 parts I need to make a multi-tool, this is my 5th playthrough (I messed up FotH somewhere during my no kill/permadeath playthrough -_-) , I just want it over with at this point xD


    Password to poor apartment 22 on level 2 same building jensen lIves is DOBRANOC


    Does anybody know what the code is for Allisons apartment is? I can’t get through… It’s on the first floor when you get inside. We. You go under a little splint I the wall there is a keypad. CAMT GET THROUGH IT!!!


    Dr. Dear Auzenne and Jean-Guy Cloutier password Auz1Lu51at1


      That’s not workin for me and I’ve been tryin for almost 3 years now.


    Why doesn’t it tell you the laptop passwords for “Time machines” laptop and “Vacaville Koller” laptop???

    Jonathan Blansett

    Password to radich nikoladze computer?


    What is the password for whittakers computer in desperate measures and his secret vault


    WHat is the password for the storages in golem city?


    Golem City – ARC Operations : The sealed area next to the area that 2544 opens : 6889


    Delara Auzenne (Psychiatrist in TF29) PC password: Auz1Lu51at1


    What are the passwords for vadim orlov and madame photographe? Please.


    Keypad to enter the neon lab in the sewers : 0311


    Any one know radko Perry codes or pawn shop

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