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Praxis Kits are collectibles in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. When used, they allow you to unlock the true potential of installed augmentations.
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Each praxis kit will give you one praxis, which can be used to upgrade your favorite augs, or buy new ones. They can be purchased from clinics, found in hidden caches during missions or obtained through side missions. In this guide, we’re going to show you Praxis Kit Locations in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Where to find Praxis Kits in South Prague

1. As you leave Jensen’s apartment, take the stairs one floor down. Go into the apartment with the eviction notice on the door. Ignore the destitute man on the couch and look for a hidden stash in the floor near the window. The praxis kit will be inside.

2. You can buy two Praxis from merchant Tars in Zelen apartment no. 21. Each costs 10000 credits and if you kill Tars you won’t be able to loot them from him. During your second visit to Prague (night time) you can buy one additional kit and another one becomes available during your third visit.

3. Go to the Time Machine book store located east in Prague’s south hub (Capek Station). Enter through the main door, then follow the stairs to the upper floor. Crawl under the toppled shelf into the main office, and pull the red book on the shelf behind the desk. Use the elevator to get into Koller’s inner sanctum. As you exit the elevator you’ll see paintings (rock band posters) on the wall to the right. Move the rightmost painting to gain access to a vent, and follow it. After you crack the safe, you’ll get the Praxis kit.

4. There is one in the Church of the Machine God area of the level. You can enter the complex only during your second visit to Prague as part of the main mission “Confronting the Bomb-Maker” (or after if you missed it that time). You need to reach the top of the apartment complex where Allison is. Above her computer is a storage area you can reach with the jumping aug.

North Prague Praxis Kits

1. To get the TF29 base praxis kit in the northern part of Prague. Look for the infirmary in the southern part of the building. Once inside, look for a row of books on a high shelf. There will be a medical box left between the books, with a praxis kit inside.

2. You can find one Praxis kit in the long forgotten LIMB clinic, near Pilgrim station. Door is locked but door keypad code is 4464 or you can hack it for extra experience. You can also find a vent entrance on top of the arch, right of the LIMB clinic entrance. If you went through the front door go inside and climb onto the reception desk. Look at the ceiling and find a hatch. Once you open it, jump up – you’ll find a couple of boxes with left-over stuff. One of them will contain a kit.

3. Go to Libuse apartments, just east of Pilgrim station. Climb to the second floor, where you’ll find apartment 96. You get to visit this apartment during the eight story mission, but you can visit it even earlier (during your first visit to Prague) and pick up the praxis kit hidden within. Apartment door keypad is hackable, if you are a level 4 hacker, or you can carefuly jump to the ledge of the window and break and enter that way. The kit is hidden inside a cardboard box on top of the kitchen counters. Thanks to Karlos for leaving a tip for this location in the comments.

4. One is in hostile Dvali Territory (all the way east in Northern Prague), in the Theater there. You will have to visit this place during your third visit to Prague (late in the game) and depending on the choices you made you will still have to fight/sneak through enemies there or they might even be friendly (**SPOILER** If you helped Otar and he is still alive then they might be friendly. If he is dead or Radich is dead or you made them hostile before, this might make things more difficult ). The cool thing about this is that you can actually sneak past everyone and steal this Praxis kit right in front of Radich’s nose without making him hostile (if you are careful enough) earlier in the game (during your second visit to Prague – nighttime opens up the red district). In either case you have to get to Radich’s office in the basement of the Theater in Dvali Territory. There is a safe behind a hidden panel that you have to hack. Inside is the Praxis kit.

Golem City Praxis Locations – missable

While you’re doing the mission in Golem City, you can pick up several kits. These are missable since you can’t get back to Golem City once you are done with the main story mission in it.

1. One is near Mir Flats, where the neon light sculpture is. When you get to the sculpture, turn right and go through the door (2223) (watch out for police not to see you). Go into the storage area by going into the fenced area behind the gate (6123). The kit is in a medical box on the far side of the storage area.

2. There is a rather hard to get praxis kit in Golem City, but since it also involves doing a hard achievement it is worth the time. There is a golden penguin you can find in one of the shacks in city’s upper levels at the beginning of the level. You need to carry this bird all through the map and find a hidden room with penguin’s friends in hostile ARC territory. Once you place him where he belongs a safe will open revealing a praxis kit and finishing the Golden Rookery trophy. Here’s a video showing how to do it.

3. I would have never found this one if it wasn’t for JoeB leaving a comment and telling us where to look. As you make your way towards Talos Rucker’s office elevator you will enter ARC territory. After the first section you will enter ARC Operations section (where the elevator is located at and recognizable by a large group of monitor and TV screens found before the elevator). Praxis is hidden inside a lootable container. The hard part is that the container itself is covered by a blue TARP and you can interact with only a small portion of it. It is found in Ridit Station Level 1 east to the ball of monitors (northwest part of the map).

4. When you finish your talk with Rucker (as part of the main mission), use his keycard to open the door on the left. You’ll find a safe in his room – hack it, and get the kit inside.

Palisade Bank Praxis Kits

You will be visiting Palisade Bank as part of the main mission at one point, but you can get some of these kits as soon as you first reach Northern Prague.

1. SM05: Samizdat will lead you towards the location of the next Praxis, if you choose to help the dissidents in this side mission. If you don’t want to play the side mission, or want to turn them in to the authorities, you can still pick up the kit in a safe in the CEO’s office. When you enter the building, take the elevator down. If you sniff around the offices there, you’ll find an elevator keycard. Use this in the elevator, and you’ll unlock access to the top floor (level 3). Go there and go into the room on the left. Deal with the 2 guards and go into the office. You can either solve the mechanical puzzle or use the vent behind the large screen to enter the secret room with the safe (descend the ladder, then use the vent in the ceiling).

2. You can find one in Executive safes B. Safe number is B07. Executive safes are bellow the lobby level. You can enter them by stealing Executive safes B card from the Account Manager’s safe. His office is on the lobby level of the bank. Once you go inside wait for him to stay alone in the office than use the red switch next to the entrance to put the blinds on the windows. Knock him out and hack his safe so you don’t alarm anyone by doing that. Inside is the Executive Safes B access card. Once inside the safes room B go to B07 and hack it (without anyone seeing you) or input the code 0310. Inside is the Praxis kit.

3. There is another one in the bank’s vaults. Vaults seem to be the hardest section of the bank for a player to reach. You can reach them by following the main storyline. Once you get a hold of Versalife Vault card you should gain access to the vaults and find the Tai Yong Medical Vault there. Inside it is the Praxis kit. There is, however, a stealthy approach to getting it and you can use this approach to get it as soon as you reach Northern Prague for the second time. You will first need to get the Tai Yong Medical Vault Card. It is located on the dead body of doctor Vadim Orlov (you get a pointer to him in SM03 The Mystery Augs). You will have to get a call from Sarif telling you to find the doctor. Once you reach the Side Mission POI you should find the doctor’s dead body with the key on it. After that go to the bank and get to the garage door (across from the bank’s main entrance). There is a structural weakness to the right you can break through. Climb into the vent and go all the way left. As you exit there is a big fan to the left. If you have remote hacking augmentation you can disable it or you can throw an EMP grenade at it and that should disable it (this will alarm the guards in the area so you might want to get rid of them first). Now climb down the ladders and hack through the door and you will be in the vault area. TYM Vault is on Level 3. Hack the first keypad to make the door accessible and use the switch to open it. Inside a safe there is the kit. We also have a guide for all other vault key cards since each holds unique rewards.

Final Praxis Kit Location – SPOILER

1. Finally, after you defeat Marchenko, make sure to search his pockets. He’ll be carrying an extra Praxis Kit with him, although by that time, you probably won’t need any more.

Get 5 Praxis kits with Deus Ex Go

Deus Ex GO is a turn-based puzzle video game for Android and iOS, that lets you get up to 5 additional Praxis kits for use in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for PC or Xbox One only. Don’t forget to sign into both games with the same Square Enix Account.

Complete the tasks below to unlock additional Praxis Kits:

  • You receive 2 Praxis for completing the story mode.
  • Clear every level with Mastermind status (with as few turns as possible) and get one Praxis
  • Complete a first set of weekly puzzles (1 Praxis)
    You’ll get a new puzzle to solve on each day of the week. You can access them by clicking on the World icon in the top left corner of the game.
  • Complete a second set of weekly puzzles (1 Praxis)



  1. C

    there is one at the data-bank in prague. in the saves at the bottom. its a lvl 5 panel in the right room if you go down

  2. C

    SM 07: When you use the Sozial Aug that Vlasta Novak takes Olivie Devos out of prag, talk to her again and she gives you a Praxis Kit.

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    You can buy more then 2 Praxis Kits from Tars he Restockes 1 when you buy the other 2 before leaving for Talos Rucker and come back to Prag at Night.

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    In the side mission SM07 Fade to Black, after you secure passage for Olivie Davos if you talk to her she will give you a Praxis kit. Thanks for the guide!

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    Praxis kit in Libuse apartments number 86 when you go there for main mission 8. Kit is above kitchen cabinets. Not sure if it’s there before mission.

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    There is a praxis kit in a searchable container hidden behind a blue tarp in a room before heading to elevator before goin to Talos Rucker on the first floor of RIDIT STATION.

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      Gosu No0b

      I’ve searched two hours for that damn thing – thank you for letting me know – I would have never found it without your help.

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    Tars sells 1 every time you visit prague including when the city is under curfew

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    Da Lad

    This is by far the best guide for Praxis kits. Please add this one: In “Fade to Black” side quest during Prague at night you can get one from the French lady if you persuade Vlasta during the conversation. After that DON’T GO, instead speak again the French lady and she will give you a Praxis kit as a thank you.

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