Vault Keycard Locations in Deus Ex: MD

Vault Keycards are special access cards in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that allow you to enter vaults under the Palisade Bank. All vault cards are well-hidden, and you can easily miss them. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find VersaLife, Picus, Tarvos and Tai Yong Medical access cards.

VersaLife vault keycard

To enter the corporate vault section of Palisade bank, you can get a Versalife vault keycard during main story mission 12 and enter the elevator in the main lobby of the bank that will get you to the vaults.
The alternate way is to enter the Palisade Bank garage (located across the main entrance). To enter the garage, you can break through a structural weakness just right of the locked main garage door, or you can use the vent shaft entrance on the top of one of the decorative pillars above the garage. There is a huge Ventilator in the garage. You can turn it off by throwing an EMP grenade at it or remote hacking the switch behind it. After the big fan is off, go through the crawlspaces and hack the door. You are in the vault area.

Each of the vaults is on a different level, and you will need to hack override panels to reveal vault doors (level 1 hacking required).

Picus vault keycard

Picus vault keycard is in a secret room in Apartment 94 in the Libuse apartments, just to the right of the subway entrance. Apartment 94 is on Level 3. The vault keycard is in the bedroom. After examining a camera on a drawer, a safe above the bed will open. The Picus card is inside. The Picus Vault holds a bunch of hacking software, Neuropozyne and a Triangle Code.

Tarvos Vault Key

The Vault key is in the basement of the Sobchak’s Security building in the central part of north Prague. Next to the stairs, you can activate a button behind the painting, which will disable mines. In the room, you’ll find a Breach software and a safe with the Tarvos Vault Key. The Tarvos Vault contains weapons and a unique Cote d’Azur Combat Rifle.

Tai Yong Medical vault keycard

Tai Yong Medical vault keycard is found on the corpse of doctor Vadim Orlov (guy you find during side mission The Mystery Augs). He is located in an apartment in a courtyard behind TF29 headquarters. In the TYM vault, you’ll find a praxis kit.

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  1. H

    The Cote d’Azure Combat Rifle never showed up in the Tarvos vault. Any solutions to that? How do I get it?

    1. B

      sorry if late but did you check the safes on the wall on left to the vault’s door when you enter, there are two I almost missed because they’re so not highlighted by the room’s LD, probably on purpose. If i’m not mistaken the one on the right contains the Rifle. It’s disappointing however, that it only shoots EMP shells, because I don’t see what use it is since the normal one can shoot both normal or EMP if you want. Except wasting your inventory space but giving you style points : ) of course.

  2. D
    Deez Nutz

    Wtf ?, that shit hoed me like a mf lmao

  3. Z

    I got into the one that got the cool (but useless) gun, and I wanted to see if the other vaults had cool things. But after having this tell me, I’m glad I didn’t run around trying to find the other keycards. There’s clearly no point. Just simply a praxis? Just simply hacking software? Its… its pointless. And like I said, the special gun is useless. GARBAGE. These vaults are a terrible waste of time and a major disappointment for secrets within them.

    1. I
      Ian Danger

      There’s tons of credits and a few biocells etc. Nothing amazing but the key cards are easy to find if you have decent hacking or glass cloaking for Sobchek Security (Love the Lebowski ref)

  4. X

    This really helps. Got into all the Vaults!!

  5. B

    The bit about the VersaLife vault being accessible through the garage is completely wrong. You can only access it from the elevator in the main Palisade lobby.

    1. T

      Not true, it can be accessed through the first ventilator shaft on the left when you enter the parking, however you will need remote hacking to stop the vent propellers.

      1. T

        You can also just EMP grenade them it to turn it off.

    2. D

      Must agree with Bergman here. 3 vaults only accessible through shaft, not the fourth (versalife), which it appears you can only get to via corporate vaults elevator and requires key looted from blue car in garage which isn’t there until you have mission to either rob bank or save perspn with Intel. I vaguely recall accessing it from a sewer or escaping it via another shaft / ladder network, but not finding it this playthrough.

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