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Preston Garvey is the leader of the Minutemen in Fallout 4. He’s also a companion you can choose to take with you on your travels through the Wasteland. He’s a sharpshooter, which can be of great help to anyone with a melee focused character. This guide will show you Preston Garvey’s location, his perks and skills, as well as how to increase his affinity level.

Preston Garvey companion fallout 4
  • Name: Preston Garvey
  • Type: Human male
  • Location: Museum of Freedom
  • Quest: No
  • Romance: Yes
  • Perk: United We Stand

Preston Garvey’s Location

Garvey is holed up in the Museum of Freedom, in Concord. You’ll encounter him while doing the Out of Time quest.

Abilities & perks

Abilities: Preston is a sharpshooter armed with a laser musket. If you’re playing a tanky melee character, he can be of great help. Let him keep his starting weapon – it doesn’t require ammo.
Perk: United We Stand (+20% damage and +20 damage resistance when facing three or more opponents)

How to reach Maximum Relationship Level with Preston Garvey

Build. Preston is a sucker for settlements. Establish as many as you can, and devote yourself to making their inhabitants happy. Set up trade routes between them. If America is happy, so is Garvey. And when Garvey’s happy, you can start a romantic relationship with him.

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9 thoughts on “Preston Garvey

    1. Gosu No0b

      Yes and yes. I think Paladin Danse does not spend fusion cores because he has a power armor of his own. Companions do not spend ammo or equipment that they are wearing by default.

      1. 123

        so if i use danses power armor will it spend and can i just take his fusion core and make him go back into power armor so i get a fusion core

        1. dfa

          Take the power cores out. Your companions don’t need them to be able to run and use the armor only you need power cores.

      2. Kobura

        Incorrect, I’ve had Cait and Deacon and many others use the same suit of Power Armor with the same fusion core in it forever.

    1. Bratkip

      The only way I know is to reload a save game. Happened to me with Piper during a defense run on one of the settlements.


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